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Mum Sam Kay frustrated after waiting three years for Ashford Borough Council to build extension in High Halden for son Jake

By Tricia Jamieson

A mother says she is at her wits’ end after waiting three years for a promised extension to her home.

Sam Kay has a severely disabled six-year-old son who has to sleep in the lounge.

She says Ashford Borough Council has promised her an extension to her semi-detached council house in Greenside, High Halden.

Sam Kay with her disabled son Jake
Sam Kay with her disabled son Jake

“Plans have been drawn up but every time work is due to start, I am told there is a more important priority or something else comes up,” said Miss Kay, 29.

“The latest date for work was the end of this month, but now I have been told it has been put off again. This has been going on for three years and it is so frustrating. I have been in tears over it.”

The council says it is aware of the situation and hopes to complete the extension by the end of November.

Miss Kay said that her son, Jake, has complex needs and cannot support himself. He relies on her for everything and cannot move about on his own.

She also has two daughters, Abigail, nine, and Isla, four.

“This affects the whole family as Jake is sleeping in the front room,” said Miss Kay. “The council offered me a new home in Ashford, but I don’t want to move.

“I live living here and my daughters are settled at High Halden Primary School.

“The council has agreed to build the extension at the rear of the house and make my kitchen and dining room open plan so Jake can get about in his wheelchair.”

Miss Kay said that the lack of space means equipment for Jake has to be stored in the dining room and his toys are in her daughters’ bedrooms.

“We have no room to move and it is difficult to use the front room as a family,” she said.

“There is nowhere quiet for Jake to go.

“With the extension, I will be able to use a ceiling hoist to move him about.

“He is waiting for hip surgery and it will be even more difficult for me to look after him and move him after that.”

The Kay family - Sam with Jake, Abigail and Isla
The Kay family - Sam with Jake, Abigail and Isla

A spokesman for Ashford council said: “We are aware that this is a desperately sad story of a severely disabled boy.

“Our housing team has needed to work closely with our planning and building control teams to develop plans for the major extension work that is required not only to improve the quality of life of Sam’s son but for the whole family.

"This has been going on for three years and it is so frustrating. I have been in tears over it" - Sam Kay

“The project, costing in the region of £50,000, is using a sixth of the annual adaptations budget, and so while it has been a long process, it has been necessary to fully explore all the options available.

“We recognise that this project has taken longer than either we or the family would have liked.

“However, we are satisfied that the extension work is the best solution.

“We can confirm that the works will be put out to tender next month and the work should be completed before the end of November.

“We thank the family for their understanding and considerable patience at what is obviously a difficult time for them.”

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