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Files reveal UFO sightings near Ashford

By Robert Barman

Could declassified government documents, revealed to the public for the first time this week, be proof aliens have been near Ashford?

The documents, released as part of a three-year project by the Ministry of Defence and the National Archives, include dozens of strange sightings in Kent. Among them is a submitted report on possible explanations for blue lights over the skies of Biddenden in the 1980s. 

The unknown author writes: “Blue lights are not an unusual phenomenon to be spotted in connection with UFOs. They are mentioned fairly regularly.”

Slightly cryptically the author then goes on to write: “The main reason for blue lights being observed is a refraction of bright, white landing lights (strobes) and occurs along blue wavelength in certain meteorological conditions.”  

The files also contain two reports from late 1993 of strange craft spotted near Ashford.

One report, from October of that year, describes an oval-shaped, orange object the size of a large aircraft making a humming noise and heading from Ashford to Canterbury.

The second, from December 1993, was described as “like a shooting star but definitely not,” and moving quickly from Canterbury to Ashford.

The report was taken by an RAF sergeant at RAF Manston, in Thanet. It includes a handwritten note by the sergeant, describing the person who spied the strange sight.

It reads: “Informant quite compos mentis, quite lucid despite shooting star description and as surprised as anyone at such a strange sight.”

Other incidents recorded in the latest batch of documents, which cover the years 1981 to 1996, include details of the UK’s most infamous UFO case involving a supposed downed alien craft in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk. 

There are also reports from two men from Staffordshire who say an alien tried to abduct them after a night out in 1995 and several sightings in Bonnybridge, central Scotland, which became the UK’s UFO hotspot during the 1990s.

In the past two months the Kentish Express has received dozens of reports detailing strange lights drifting across Romney Marsh at night, spotted all along the coast from Lydd to Hythe.

This is the first photographic evidence of the strange phenomena and was submitted by reader Patricia Cooke.

Explanations for the sightings range from flares set off during Army training exercises to Chinese lanterns launched by revellers.

But could the lights have a more extraterrestrial origin?

The lights have been mentioned on UFO internet forums and have been brought to the attention of the British UFO Research Organisation.

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