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Firefighters attend 'house fire' in Quantock Drive, Ashford, and discover a single candle alight outside a house

05 August 2014
by Samantha Williams

Fire crews were called to a house in Ashford last night following fears the front door was alight. 

However, after arriving in Quantock Drive, officers discovered the blaze was coming from a single candle placed outside a house as part of the nationwide Lights Out event. 

A spokesman said: "We were called at 11pm following reports that a front door was alight.

Library image.

Library image.

"However it turned out the homeowners had placed a candle outside their house, and someone had called us thinking it was a fire."

After discovering all was well, the firefighters returned to the station. 

Thousands of people took part in the Lights Out event between 10pm and 11pm last night to commemorate the centenary of the day Britain entered the First World War.



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