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Amy and Kate Edwards of South Ashford find £50 near Peter Pan statue in Kensington Gardens during HiddenCash Twitter game

Two sisters from Ashford found an envelope of cash hidden by a group of millionaires in a London park.

Amy, 31, and Kate, 33, Edwards, who share a house in South Ashford, were taking part in HiddenCash - a game where cryptic treasure hunt-style clues posted on Twitter lead members of the public to packets of money that have been carefully concealed by the wealthy organisers.

The girls were among hundreds of people who descended upon Kensington Gardens yesterday after being told 20 envelopes had been stashed “where blue meets green” - a reference to the Piccadilly and District underground lines.

Amy and Kate Edwards tweeted this photo of themselves with the HiddenCash money
Amy and Kate Edwards tweeted this photo of themselves with the HiddenCash money

Police officer Amy and her graphic designer sister, who have lived in Ashford for 16 years, found an envelope containing £50.

Amy told Kent Online: “We’ve never done anything like this before but we saw it on Twitter and thought we’d go up to London and have a look around. We arrived at 11am and found it by 11.10am! It wasn’t disappointing to find it so quickly, it actually made it more exciting. We carried on looking but didn’t find any more.

”It was actually Kate who found it. She was kicking around in the grass and just saw it. The park was absolutely jam-packed. There were people climbing trees and looking in the water. Everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun.”

Amy and Kate didn’t hold onto their small fortune for long - they spent it on dinner at the capital’s Hard Rock Cafe that evening.

Kensington Gardens. Picture: Thinkstock
Kensington Gardens. Picture: Thinkstock

The pair admitted, like others, they were initially looking in the wrong area until a clue mentioning a popular children’s story sent them heading towards the park’s Peter Pan statue.

They knew to head to Kensington Gardens in the morning as an earlier clue had said the location shared its name with a San Francisco street.

Amy, who has also been interviewed by The Telegraph and Sky News about her find, added: “Our friends are loving it - we’ve suddenly become everyone’s best friend. We haven’t told them we’ve spent it all!”

Saturday’s event was the first HiddenCash to take place outside the United States and it is rumoured the next one will be in Birmingham.

Clues are posted on Twitter by @HiddenCash and when people find the money they must tweet a photo of themselves with it.

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