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Pet Daisy branded the Asda Cat after daily calls from supermarket customers in Ashford

By Tim Collins
Daisy in her second home relaxing in Asda's gardening section in Ashford

A pet branded the Asda Cat by its owners has become a source of fur-ustration, prompting numerous daily calls from the supermarket’s customers.

Daisy, a seven-year-old black and white cat, often gives passers-by paws for thought, making numerous daily trips to the supermarket chain’s Ashford store.

Despite the good intentions of shop-purrs, owner Nicki Wright, 41, says she is fed-up with calls inquiring whether the feline is missing.

The mother-of-three said: “I don’t know why she keeps going over there, but she makes three or four trips a day.

“We do have two other cats at home who she doesn’t get on with, but if she’s not here eating or sleeping, she’s over there.

Daisy with owners Nicki Wright and daughter Megan outside Asda

“It’s got to the point where I think the staff have got to know her, and my kids have even started calling her the Asda Cat.

“I think she just enjoys the fuss people make of her, she hangs around by the trolleys where she gets a lot of attention, and plays by people’s feet. I know that some of them even go and buy pouches of food to feed her with.

“I know people mean well, but is frustrating. It’s taking up a lot of my day dealing with the calls about her" - Nicki Wright

“She’s tried to go inside the shop a few times, but I think the staff understandably try to shoo her away.

"I’ve tried to pick her up and bring her back home, but she always makes her way back over there.”

Nicki is hoping to let people know that Daisy is not far from their home in nearby Newtown, in the hope that they will stop bombarding her with calls.

She said: “I know people mean well, but is frustrating. It’s taking up a lot of my day dealing with the calls about her.

“Once she spent a week in the RSPCA cattery after they picked her up. She must have been absolutely miserable. Now I’ve had her chipped.

Daisy's supermarket route

“I just want to let people know that she’s not lost, that she’s okay, and that she always comes back home safely.”

Daisy’s route to Asda from the family home in Stirling Road takes her past a playground, through an underpass and up a slope to the supermarket entrance.

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