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Woman with finger trapped in pallet trolley in Ash Meadow, Willesborough, released by firemen

15 March 2014
by Tricia Jamieson

A woman who got her finger caught in a pallet trolley had to be released by firefighters.

The incident happened at a house in Ash Meadow, Willesborough, this afternoon.

Firefighters were called at 2.45pm.

Watch manager James Smart, from Ashford fire station, said: “The woman’s finger was trapped in the pallet trolley and she was in a lot of pain.

Firefighters had to release a woman whose finger was trapped

Two fire engines attended the scene

“We used hand tools and leverage to move some of the metal away and she could get her finger out.

“An ambulance was there and the crew checked her over but she did not go to hospital.”

The woman was in her 50s. The fire crew was at the house for around 10 minutes.

Mr Smart added: “It was a simple job but she was in a fair amount of pain.”

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