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by Nikki White
12 April 2018

Austen Allem Homecare shortlisted for business award

Austen Allem Homecare, which provides care to people in the area, has been nominated for an award.

19 February 2018

Come join the secret club

A night circus provided the perfect accompaniment to a five-course feast of Kent food.

10 October 2017

When Holly met....

A young Strictly Come Dancing fan got to meet not one but two of the show's dancers on a trip to the theatre.

10 October 2017

Leg warmers, leather and song

Big hair and big numbers. It must be Flashdance the Musical.

31 July 2017

It was all going so well....

Don't count your chickens when it's all going right, because pay back could be just around the corner.

17 July 2017

The lasting power of true friendship

This week I'm treasuring those I hold dear, and there's also some news of a win.

03 July 2017

Made up with a touch of the homemade

It's fete time, which means plenty of crafty pleasures.

19 June 2017

Human kindness shines through in dark times

Another tragedy brings us all together.

05 June 2017

The beach is a great place for an office!

Working by the sea and glitter tattoos - just a week in my life.

22 May 2017

Buoyed by opportunity to enjoy life in the slow lane

Rediscover the joys of swimming.

08 May 2017

We're a nation obsessed with food

And I love it.

25 April 2017

Are you 'killing your kids with kindness'?

Is you child overweight? Kent doctor issues obesity warning to parents

25 April 2017

Are you 'killing your kids with kindness'?

A doctor says parents must stop giving children junk food on a regular basis or they are likely to develop Type 2 diabetes, heart disease or cancer.

24 April 2017

Gin and cheese? It’s a marriage made in heaven

Some ideas work, others shouldn't be given the time of day.

13 April 2017

Man 'pepper-sprayed' in bank disturbance

Police reportedly used pepper spray to subdue an 'abusive' man who allegedly caused a disturbance at a town centre bank, which remains sealed off.

10 April 2017

Summer's back

Nothing is better than the first warm day of the year.

13 March 2017

Drivers need to pay more attention

Why put your life at risk behind the wheel?

13 February 2017

Those wrinkles are getting bigger

It's birthday time. Oh dear.

30 January 2017

Goodbye dry January...

February is here - hoorah!

16 January 2017

Memories of leg blusher, pantos and a ruined table

I keep getting flashbacks to 1992

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