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22 September 2017

Critical condition? Setbacks for the NHS in Kent raise questions

Ambulances have been targeted by thieves. Stock image: SECAmb.

The collapse of the contract for out-of-hours service for east Kent GPs is the latest setback for the NHS in the county

16 July 2017

Kent County Council is right about one aspect of its 15% pay hike

County Hall in Maidstone

The public outcry over that 15% pay rise for members is to be expected but it masks a genuine challenge

07 July 2017

Could Theresa May confound her critics?

Theresa May in the House of Commons

She's been dubbed a dead woman walking but the PM is sticking around.

14 June 2017

May earns a reprieve for the time being

Theresa May at Prime Minister's Questions in Parliament

The PM has bought herself some time but pressure mounts over the Brexit deal

11 June 2017

The election aftermath: what do the results tell us about the political landscape in Kent?

Theresa May. Picture: Barry Goodwin

If there was no drama in the campaign, there was in the results. But what message have voters sent to the parties in Kent?

01 June 2017

Defections but no drama as Kent's quiet election battle goes on

Jeremy Corbyn, the new Leader of the Labour Party

More tales from the campaign trail as the parties battle for your vote

19 May 2017

Manifestos, trains and a car-crash performance on the first leaders' debate

The election follows the resignation of former Ukip leader Paul Nuttall

Three manifesto launches but still no VIP visits to the Garden of England

16 May 2017

Labour sets out its stall for the many not the few

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

Unashamedly populist but do Labour's plans add up?

12 May 2017

All quiet on Kent's electoral front...

Prime Minister Theresa May

Shush...there's an election going on

23 April 2017

They're off! The election battle is underway in Kent

It's what nobody expected but a snap election is on - even if the campaign is only now stuttering into life

12 April 2017

Former Kent MP Mark Reckless detaches himself from UKIP

Mark Reckless was comfortably beaten by Tory rival Kelly Tolhurst

Ukip dealt a further blow as its former MP aligns himself with the Conservatives - in Wales

26 March 2017

Councils get cold feet over east Kent merger

Could there be an east Kent super council

A radical plan for east Kent councils to merge has hit the buffers

19 February 2017

What Blair's Brexit intervention tells us

Tony Blair. Picture: Steve Crispe

It may not be a done deal but Blair's hope for a popular revolt over Brexit is fanciful

31 January 2017

A shotgun marriage? Harmony reigns among east Kent councils over merger

Could there be an east Kent super council

It may fall short of what they really want but east Kent councils seem set on their district merger

27 November 2016

A £200m fund for grammars - but nothing for social care

KCC says adult care costs account for budget strains in 2016

Councils desperately need more money for social care - but received little comfort in the Autumn Statement

16 November 2016

Farage trumps his rivals to pull off a gilt-edged PR coup

Donald Trump. Picture: Gage Skidmore

The leader of UKIP has shown he's lost none of his political skills - much to the annoyance of the government

23 October 2016

May's first 100 days + what a council by-election tells us about the state of the parties

Prime Minister Theresa May

Europe remains the issue that the Conservatives can't stop banging on about

25 September 2016

What Corbyn's re-election means for Labour in Kent

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

Does Jeremy Corbyn have the prescription for Labour's Southern discomfort?

16 September 2016

Farage passes the UKIP baton to Diane James

He was a one-off politician who established Kent as a stronghold - how will his successor fare?

19 August 2016

Labour fears the worst thing - voters are not listening to it

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is fighting Owen Smith for the party leadership

Labour knows what its problems are but is anyone listening?

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