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Video: Adorable black jaguar born at Wingham Wildlife Park in Wingham near Canterbury

By Lowri Stafford

With its big blue eyes and its fluffy black coat, this baby jaguar is proving a hit at Wingham Wildlife Park.

The adorable cub was born at the zoo to mum Luna and dad Loki.

She is the first-ever big cat to be born at the park, near Canterbury.

The cub was born at the park three weeks ago

In appearance, she takes after black Luna more than yellow-spotted Loki.

The latter comes from Germany and was the first-ever white jaguar to be born in Europe.

Video footage has been released of the birth at 7.40pm on Sunday, July 27.

A baby jaguar gives a big yawn
The cub is growing at a rate of 100g a day
Wingham Wildlife Park owner Tony Binskin holds the cub

Park curator Markus Wilder said: "Luna had been kept in the birthing den for about three to four days before the birth.

"On the day, we checked the camera at 5pm and saw she was in labour.

"Then at 7.40pm, the cub was born weighing 1.5kg. She's now growing at a rate of 100g a day."

The tiny cat is shielded from visitors at the moment and her mother is understandably protective of her new offspring.

Video: Touching footage of the black jaguar's birth at Wingham

Markus added: "We're hoping the public will be able to see her over the next few days or weeks, but it's up to Luna.

"She's very protective. Jaguars are the most ferocious of all the big cats, so she's a bit on edge."

He added: "We're really happy to have her. Quite often with first-time mums in the animal kingdom, they lose or kill the baby. But she's doing really well."

Mum Luna is very protective of her offspring
A jaguar, one of the animals at Wingham Wildlife Park

Animal fans flocked to the park's Facebook page to watch a video of the birth.

Photos of the cute cub also proved popular, tipping the page's number of likes over the 20,000 mark.

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