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Feral teenager Danny Smith locked up after attacking guards Philip Pollard and Krystopha Smith at Canterbury Magistrates court

By Paul Hooper

Feral teenager Danny Smith attacked two guards at Canterbury Magistrates Court when he feared he wouldn’t be given bail.

The smirking Smith snarled: “If I get remanded for this...one of you is going to get!”

The 18-year-old then lashed out as he was being taken away – leaving one of the jailers with an eight-inch gash to his head.

Feral teenager Danny Smith is behind bars
Feral teenager Danny Smith is behind bars

The guard, Phillip Pollard hasn’t been able to return to work since the incident in September last year and is now “ a broken man”.

Even after the attack, Smith laughed about what he had done and boasted to other prisoners.

Smith, of Effingham Crescent, Dover was later sent to a young offender’s institution for 29 months after breaking into the porter’s room where he was living.

A day earlier in September, he had gone to the home of a neighbour of his grandmother and stolen a handbag.

But now a judge at Canterbury Crown Court has ordered he serve a consecutive 18-month sentence for the attacks.

Prosecutor Donna East said that jailers Mr Pollard and colleague Krystopha Smith were on duty at the magistrates court when Smith appeared for burglary and theft.

“Smith began threatening to kick off before he got into court after being taken there from Canterbury police station... and then in fact did kick off.

“He arrived at 10.15am and was described as being a nuisance and banging on the cell door.

"He turned to the jailers and told them: “If I am remanded for this then one of you two is going to get it. I am going to smash you up!”

Judge Heather Norton
Judge Heather Norton

“He was brought into court at 3.30pm and maintained his bravado, bragging to his girlfriend about the noise he had been making, telling her: 'It was good, wasn’t it?'", added the prosecutor.

No application for bail was made and as Smith, who was handcuffed to Krystopha Smith, was led out of court after being remanded to prison he began to thrash around and become aggressive, bringing one of the jailers to the ground.

As Mr Pollard went to his colleague’s aid he was knocked over, fell backwards and hit his head on the railings.

“He then felt blood pouring down his face, as Smith was continuing to shout and laugh telling Mr Pollard: “I properly messed you up.”

“Your behaviour was quite appalling. You thrashed out, causing a serious injury to one of the guards" - Judge Heather Norton

The prosecutor said Mr Pollard needed stitches to his head wound and the effects from the attack “have been devastating.”

“He has not worked since and there is little likelihood he will return if at all. He is a broken man", she added.

Ian Bond, defending, said Smith, who admitted unlawful wounding and assault by beating, had led “a fairly feral lifestyle” and blamed his “abhorrent behaviour” on being poorly educated and suffering from ADHD.

Judge Heather Norton told him: “Your behaviour was quite appalling. You thrashed out, causing a serious injury to one of the guards.

“You thought that was funny and you bragged about it , but these guards were just doing their jobs", she added.

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