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In your Gazette this week....

In this weeks paper

Noisy neighbours: Disturbance 'like Notting Hill riots' sparked shutdown of student party house

A mum's despair: Boy who can't walk sent home without wheelchair

Staff at risk: Hospital admits clinical waste mixed with laundry FORTY times

Victims' justice: Sex beast who sparked 10-hour roof stand-off with police jailed

Undecided: Gazette poll reveals voters' indecision

A fine mess: Council could be forced to repay thousands of parking tickets

Slow down: Plea for police to stop drivers "dicing with death" on danger road

Taking a break: Lounge on the Farm festival bosses want a year off

Desperate trek: Man walked for two hours to get help for friend killed in cliff fall

I'm so sorry: Sex attacker apologised to victim after city assault

Time to deliver: Kent vice-captain says youngsters should step-up to the plate




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