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Twisted Canterbury pervert Nicholas Lorimer jailed for vile haul of sex abuse images took secret pictures of young children at school

05 March 2014
by Paul Hooper

Wannabe teacher Nicholas Lorimer traded images of such sexual depravity they even shocked an experienced police officer.

The 30-year-old pervert had wormed his way into getting placements at local schools where he secretly took pictures of youngsters.

But it was when detectives raided his home in Shalloak Road, Broad Oak, Canterbury, that they discovered his sick haul of more than 7,000 images and 700 movie clips he had amassed for six years.

Pervert Nicholas Lorimer has been jailed for two years

Pervert Nicholas Lorimer has been jailed for two years

And among the vile pictures the twisted ex-university student had stored were 19 involving animal sex and sex acts with dead people on mortuary slabs.

Others included depraved images involving dead and mutilated children and one of a newborn baby being strangled until her face had turned blue - and others that are too shocking to report.

Judge Heather Norton at Canterbury Crown Court heard how one detective - forced to view the images to prepare the case - refused to look at them again.

Lorimer has since changed his named to John Conner and moved to High Street, Herne Bay, after details of his secret perversions were revealed.

Throughout the hearing, Lorimer - dressed in a suit - sat in the dock rubbing his face, hyperventilating and rocking up and down and seemingly oblivious to discussions between lawyers.

Even the judge became so concerned at his agitated state she gave him permission to go to the cells during the sentencing - but he continued rocking.

The case was heard by Judge Heather Norton

Judge Heather Norton passed sentence

His barrister, Mark Fraser claimed Lorimer - who admitted 16 charges of making or possessing indecent images and possessing extreme pornographic images - had suffered as a child that had led to him slashing his wrist.

He also revealed doctors had not diagnosed him suffering from Asperger syndrome until later in life, which had led to depression.

"It is a matter of great concern that for much of the period you collected these images you were actively seeking a career in teaching, and obtaining placements at schools..." - Judge Heather Norton

"That resulted in a spiralling and him getting an unhealthy interest in pornography," he added.

Lorimer still managed a 2:2 degree at the University of Kent, where he also developed an interest in teaching.

He then obtained placements at Canterbury schools, where he took the secret pictures.

Mr Fraser said Lorimer was a vulnerable man who would be at risk if he was sent to prison.

Judge Norton told Lorimer: "I have been able to see the level of concern and distress from which you are suffering."

She said Lorimer had a twisted interest in images of pre-pubescent girls aged about 12 years - and took delight in pictures depicting children in distress suffering violent attacks.

He had also joined a file-sharing website under the name LoveGun to trade his vile pictures and advise others how to access them.

And while he was attempting to train as a teacher, Lorimer also posed as a 14-year-old boy to coerce a nine-year-old girl to undress in front of a webcam.

The case was heard at Canterbury Crown Court

Barristers will also go on strike at Canterbury Crown Court

The judge added: "It is a matter of great concern that for much of the period you collected these images you were actively seeking a career in teaching, and obtaining placements at schools.

"In 2012 - only a few months before your arrest - police found that you had been taking covert pictures while in school on your mobile phone."

The judge told him she accepted he needed help, but added: "It is also my task to punish you and to deter others."

As he was led away to start his two-year sentence, the judge asked staff to alert prison authorities to take precautions because of Lorimer's vulnerable state.

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