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Video: Shocking moment woman in Canterbury drags toddler across busy Wincheap roundabout in footage captured by driving instructor Phil Hunt

By Lowri Stafford

A woman has been branded "irresponsible and dangerous" after she was caught on camera dragging a small child across one of Canterbury's busiest roundabouts.

Shunning a nearby pedestrian subway and footbridge, the unknown woman is seen clambering onto Wincheap roundabout with a young boy who looks little older than a toddler.

Clutching an umbrella in one hand and the youngster's hand in the other, she walks to the edge of the roundabout and guides HIM into the road first – without bothering to check if cars are coming.

The heart-stopping moment a woman tried to cross Wincheap roundabout with a toddler in tow

In a breathtaking display of stupidity, she then follows him into the road with her back to the oncoming rush-hour traffic - without so much as a sideways glance.

The tiny child looks reluctant as he tentatively steps into the road and - as a constant stream of cars continues to whizz around the corner - he sensibly retreats back onto the roundabout.

Despite looking no older than three, the boy is seemingly more aware of the potentially grave dangers of crossing there than the clueless adult supposed to be caring for him.

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With the toddler clutching her hand, the woman crosses the grassy roundabout
She stands on the edge of the roundabout with the child as traffic passes
Shockingly, the woman guides the tot to the road without checking to see if cars are coming

After more than a minute of near-misses, the woman eventually makes it to the other side with the child in tow.

The pair are then stranded on the central reservation, facing further peril to reach the other side of an extremely busy ring road.

The heart-stoppingly tense footage was captured by driving instructor Phil Hunt on a dashboard camera installed in his car.

He posted it on YouTube, along with other clips of reckless road-users, to draw attention to the shocking behaviour he encounters on a daily basis.

Video: Watch the moment a woman drags a toddler across a roundabout

Father-of-four Mr Hunt, 47, who lives on the London Road Estate, said: "I was travelling with my wife when I saw it.

"I couldn't believe my eyes. It's one of Canterbury's worst roundabouts for accidents.

"It was quite scary to see. My wife just wanted to shake the woman for being so stupid."

Driving instructor Philip Hunt, who has made it his mission to expose dangerous drivers and pedestrians

Mr Hunt's YouTube channel also features a clip of a car reversing into a signpost while attempting a three-point turn.

He also has footage of a driver overtaking his car on a mini-roundabout at the University of Kent.

Mr Hunt, who runs PH Driving school, added: "I want to highlight the dangerous things people do every day on the roads."

A driver overtakes Philip Hunt on a mini roundabout at the University of Kent campus

Reacting to the video, Kent County Council road safety boss Steve Horton said: "This is irresponsible and dangerous behaviour and shows a complete lack of understanding for the danger she is placing herself and the child in.

"The woman is clearly seen leading a child across several lines of traffic in an area where drivers would not be expecting them.

"There is a subway at this busy junction and a footbridge a short distance away – either of these avoid the dangers they were exposed to.

"The reality is people are killed or have their lives irreversibly changed by such moments of poor judgement or rash choice."

This driver executed a three-point turn, blindly reversing into a signpost

Sgt Bev Dyer, from the Canterbury community policing team, said: "Whilst we do not know the circumstances which led this lady and child to be walking on the very busy roundabout, I would urge pedestrians to use crossings or subways to get to their destination rather than risking the safety of themselves or others."

Do you know who the woman is? Phone the newsroom on 01227 475985 or email kentishgazette@thekmgroup.co.uk

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