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'Watch this video - it saved my baby's life'

Megan Perkins and her daughter Flora are supporting a St John Ambulance campaign

29 April 2016

Mum Megan Perkins knew what to do when her baby Flora started choking - now she is urging everyone else to learn too.

How safe is your child's car seat?

Rear-facing car seats are the safest for small children

14 April 2016

The Institute of Advanced Motorists shares advice on selecting the correct car seat for your baby, toddler or child.

How to make sure your baby is sleeping safely

Always use a firm, flat, waterproof mattress in good condition

04 April 2016

New borns need lots of sleep during the first few months of their lives so it’s important to ensure they are put to bed as safely as possible.

Sign up to signing says inspired mum

Kathy Carter has written Alfie's Magic Hat after appreciating the benefits of signing with her son

09 March 2016

Mum pens book to encourage parents to sign with their children

Most mums giving up breastfeeding within weeks

The majority of women are giving up breastfeeding within weeks

19 February 2016

More than two-thirds of new mums are giving up breastfeeding in the first few weeks after their baby is born.

Dog tired? Seven ways to get your baby to sleep!

Babies can leave you feeling dog tired

04 February 2016

A Kent sleep expert is sharing her tips for turning your night owls into sleeping beauties.


Appy way to teach baby important skills

Born to Move has hit 5,000 downloads

19 January 2016

A ground-breaking app gives advice to new mums, dads and carers on how to teach babies important skills.

Choosing the right childcare option

Nurseries are the most popular childcare option

19 January 2016

Follow these tips to find the perfect childcare solution.

'Shocking scale' of parent loneliness

Many parents feel lonely

15 January 2016

A quarter of all parents feel lonely and isolated according to new findings by charity Action for Children.

Medway children's centres

Children's centres operate across Medway

15 January 2016

There are 19 Children’s Centres across Medway catering for families with children aged up to five.

Throwing the perfect party

Follow our tips for a happy birthday

15 January 2016

If kids came with instruction manuals, there would be a whole chapter devoted to the tricky world of children's parties. Let us guide you though it.

Breastfeeding in public - it's your right

Breast is best - but some people still object

13 January 2016

It may be illegal to say it, but a surprisingly number of mums are still getting asked to stop breastfeeding in public.

Want a child? That will be £245,000 please!

Kids don't come cheap!

13 January 2016

New research has revealed the staggering cost of raising a child in Kent.

Ask the expert: How to reduce the chances of cot death

'We always advise parents to put their baby to sleep on their back'

02 January 2016

My Kent Family's team of health professionals and education champions answer your parenting questions

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