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Ask the expert: Should my baby be drinking cow's milk?

It's important when bottle feeding to be sensitive to the amount of milk your baby really needs

24 October 2016

I've recently weaned my eight-month-old baby but should I be giving her formula or milk from the fridge?

Helping to ease parents’ fear in times of trauma

Kelly Wells, who started the project, with her daughter Summer

18 October 2016

A Kent charity is hoping to launch a counselling service to support grieving parents or those with premature babies

The babygrow that could save your child's life

The babygrow helps parents with CPR

10 October 2016

A new babygrow designed to help parents resuscitate their child if they stop breathing has been launched

Dads know best

Al and son Ted

05 October 2016

Kent theatre prepares to become testing facility for product awards road-tested and voted for by dads.

Help your littlest ones sleep tight

Sleep is crucial to a baby's development

26 September 2016

You soon learn if your baby is a good sleeper or not. Our expert reveals her tips on how to make sure everyone in the family gets more than 40 winks.

Amelia and Oliver remain most popular baby names

The most popular baby names have been released. Library image.

08 September 2016

Amelia and Oliver hold onto the top spots with new entries for Noah, Ella and Mia.

Dad delivers baby after being turned away from hospital

Lauren, Lila, baby Ayla and Michael

01 September 2016

A busy Kent hospital and an extended journey to the next left a dad delivering his baby at home after his wife's rapid labour.

'We want to show it’s ok to breastfeed'

Stacey Herbert and Caleb with Sarah Stevens and Duke

13 August 2016

A group of mums joined in a global breastfeeding event as local council launches a campaign to encourage more women to breastfeed.


Dad delivers miracle baby who arrives in 10 minutes

Steve and Cassie with new baby Cassie

08 August 2016

A former postman made a delivery of a different kind when he brought his own baby into the world - in a labour lasting just 10 minutes.

Memorial garden for grieving parents opens

Sally Howells at the memorial garden

07 August 2016

A special place where parents can remember their lost babies has opened in Rochester

Why I'm celebrating World Breastfeeding Week

The law protects mums who choose to breastfeed in public

05 August 2016

The Charlie O'Brien blog: Before you call me a 'breastfeeding Nazi' let me just explain why...

Charity launches shop selling only children's clothes, toys and goods

Shop manager Jane Noble

29 June 2016

A Kent charity shop has opened a business selling only second hand children's clothes and belongings.

Store recalls child safety gates

The gates are being recalled

01 June 2016

A store is recalling a range of its safety gates after several reportedly swung open unexpectedly.

What role does television play in a child's development?

15 May 2016

Child development expert Dr Jaqueline Harding looks at what impact children's television and technology can have on youngsters.

Stop using these car seats, Argos warns parents

William Merchant was a delivery driver at Argos

03 May 2016

Kent parents have been warned to "immediately stop using" a particular make of car seat amid fears they don't provide adequate protection.

The perfect pressies for new mums

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One

06 April 2016

Don't just go for Mothercare vouchers! Here's our 10 must haves that every new mother needs but didn't realise.

Dragons' Den baby goods selling market coming to Kent

mum2mum is coming to Kent

06 April 2016

Sell your pre-loved maternity, baby and toddler goods at new style market and keep 100% of the profits

How to make sure your baby is sleeping safely

Always use a firm, flat, waterproof mattress in good condition

04 April 2016

New borns need lots of sleep during the first few months of their lives so it’s important to ensure they are put to bed as safely as possible.

Sensory classes open up a world of discovery

Jungle exploration is possible, even when you're nine months old!

20 March 2016

Stimulate your infant's senses with a Baby Sensory group

Most mums giving up breastfeeding within weeks

The majority of women are giving up breastfeeding within weeks

19 February 2016

More than two-thirds of new mums are giving up breastfeeding in the first few weeks after their baby is born.

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