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District council by-election results in

05 May 2017

The first new councillor decided at the district council by-election has been announced as Nathaniel Richards for the Buckland ward

Counting under way in KCC election

05 May 2017

The votes have been cast - now counting is under way for the county council election as almost 400 candidates vye for 81 seats.

Conservatives enjoy thumping successes in county council elections

05 May 2017

Tory candidates win seven out of eight KCC seats in the Canterbury district - Lib Dems take the other.

Vandals target election boards

04 May 2017

Posters for both Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have been pulled down in a pre-election spate of vandalism.

Campaigning comes to an end – now it’s over to you

04 May 2017

Voters go to the polls today (Thursday) to choose their county councillors - here's a last minute round up of the candidates

Don't forget to cast your vote today

04 May 2017

Thousands of voters will be heading for the polling stations today - here's what you need to know about the local elections.

County election - Dover decides tomorrow

03 May 2017

Voters go to the polls tomorrow for the Kent County Council election.

Blair fights Dover seat

02 May 2017

A Labour General Election candidate is called Blair but it's not the famous one.

Craig Mackinlay re-selected for South Thanet seat

30 April 2017

Conservative MP Craig Mackinlay has been re-chosen to contest the South Thanet seat in the general election

Ukip urges supporters to back Tory Brexiteer for MP

27 April 2017

Greens furious at Lib Dem and Labour who 'bottled' progressive alliance offer.

Labour to field new candidates as previous election contenders decline chance to stand

26 April 2017

Labour left to find new candidates in key Kent constituencies as previous contenders opt out

Is UKIP Thanet council leader pitching to be party's candidate in South Thanet?

24 April 2017

Council leader expected to seek nomination to be UKIP candidate

They're off! The election battle is underway in Kent

23 April 2017

It's what nobody expected but a snap election is on - even if the campaign is only now stuttering into life

Kent MPs relishing snap election

19 April 2017

Voters are being asked to choose another government just over two years after Tory David Cameron was re-elected for a second term.

Election 2017... what now for Kent?

19 April 2017

The election starter pistol has been fired - but what does it mean for Kent? And how will the parties fare?

Radical plan to oust Tory MP

18 April 2017

Calls have been made for three political parties to field a single candidate in an attempt to win one of the Conservative Party's safest seats in Kent

We can confound the pundits - shadow chancellor John McDonnell on visit to Kent

08 April 2017

Labour's big hitter enters the county council election battle as contest heats up

Hundreds of candidates contest seats in elections

05 April 2017

Nearly 400 candidates are vying for seats on Kent County Council next month - here's who's standing where you live.

County election - who are your candidates?

05 April 2017

All candidates have now been named for this year's Kent County Council election.

Campaigning kicks off for council elections

27 March 2017

The parties are preparing to campaign in the run-up to the county council elections - the first major vote since Brexit.

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