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Man died in agony after NHS staff 'wrote him off'

27 October 2017

A doctor closed the case of a man who rang the NHS helpline complaining of severe chest pains after he could not reach him on his mobile.

Son's anger at coroners' staff

21 October 2017

A grieving man is calling for coroners to review their procedures after his mother was left in a distressed state following a phone call.

Baby found dead by gran at holiday home

18 October 2017

A six-month-old baby died after his grandmother left him to sleep in a double bed while holidaying on the Kent coast, an inquest heard.

Teenager drowned during epileptic fit

18 October 2017

A teenager suffered an epileptic fit and drowned in the bath after returning from a fishing trip, an inquest heard.

Teenager killed by fatal stab to upper arm

16 October 2017

The inquest into the death of a teenager who was stabbed during a “gang-related attack” has been opened.

Dad hit by train trying to return home

14 October 2017

A man unfamiliar with trains died near a level crossing after mistakenly ending up on the tracks.

Inquest opens into scuba diving death

13 October 2017

An inquest has opened into the death of a popular member of a running club who died while scuba diving abroad.

University student named as crash victim

09 October 2017

The identity of a man killed in a suspected hit and run on a busy dual carriageway has been revealed at the opening of an inquest.

'He is now flying high with the superheroes'

04 October 2017

The family of a motorcyclist who died in a crash have described him as "a brilliant husband, fantastic father and great friend" following an inquest.

Crash victim made off from police

04 October 2017

A man died on his 24th birthday after making off from police in a car and driving head-on into a lorry, an inquest heard.

Biker died after crashing into back of van

02 October 2017

A motorcyclist died after he failed to react to slowing traffic and crashed into the back of a van, an inquest heard.

Overdose killed man found dying in street

23 September 2017

Paramedics spent for 40 minutes trying to save the life of a father-of-two who collapsed outside his home.

Partner misled police over missing man

22 September 2017

The girlfriend of suicidal man found dead in a park lied about when he disappeared because she feared officers would not take her report seriously.

Doctor referred to tribunal after young mum's death

21 September 2017

A doctor who failed to diagnose the condition of a woman who died hours after being discharged has been referred to a tribunal.

'Low suicide risk' teenager found dead

18 September 2017

A teenage girl with a promising future killed herself just days after mental health teams said there was no immediate risk of her taking her life.

Causes of musicians' deaths still unknown

15 September 2017

Mystery surrounds the deaths of three musicians found within five days of each other at the same house, after tests failed to reveal what happened.

Inquest opens after student's body found outside hotel

14 September 2017

The body of a 22-year-old from Kent was discovered on the ground below his hotel room after his family reported him missing and staff heard a noise.

Man who fell from railway bridge named

14 September 2017

A 52-year-old who died shortly after being spoken to by two train drivers was living with a potentially fatal condition, an inquest has heard.

Inquest opens after fatal motorbike accident

14 September 2017

A motorcyclist was found lying in the central reservation after coming off his bike, an inquest heard.

Inquest to probe fatal crash

14 September 2017

A councillor has praised the work of emergency services after coming across a crash on a main road that killed a man and left five others injured.

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