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Upping their game

11 May 2017

Zlatan Ibrahimovic isn’t the only talented Swede in the UK as Paul Acres finds out

Little wonder

11 May 2017

Has the Fabia got what it takes to compete in a hotly contested marketplace? Paul Acres finds out

Shaking off the past

11 May 2017

Renault have left no wheel unturned in an effort to ensure that the new Megane is competitive. Paul Acres discovers if their hard work has paid off

Showing its mettle

10 May 2017

If you’re looking for a comfortable, spacious, efficient family hatch, Paul Acres might have just the car

Diesel in disguise

10 May 2017

The Bentayga is already a great car, but Bentley have found a way to make it even better, as Paul Acres discovers

Shock penalty for speeders

24 April 2017

Motorists could be fined up to £2,500 if they are caught flouting the speed limit as changes to the law came into effect today.

Heavyweight hitter

13 March 2017

With 18 million sold the Hilux has been a sales hit. Paul Acres finds out if the latest generation has what it takes to continue that success

Leading the charge

13 March 2017

Paul Acres drives the latest incarnation of the Toyota Prius

On the road with Mazda's super MX-5 RF hard top convertible

09 March 2017

After all the hype, the MX-5 RF Mazda's latest two-seat convertible is now on sale, Jeff Fuidge sees how it shapes up.

Loud and proud

06 March 2017

Subaru’s WRX STi has one wheel in the past, but it still has lots to offer an enthusiastic driver as Paul Acres finds out

Optima Primed

05 March 2017

Paul Acres takes to the road in the latest version of Kia’s mid-sized saloon, the Optima

Mokka adds a little X-tra

01 March 2017

The Mokka X brings more equipment, more style and more traction thanks to the choice of four wheel drive. Paul Acres gets behind the wheel

Raising the roof

28 February 2017

Paul Acres drives Fiat’s new roadster, the 124, and finds out what’s beneath that Italian chic

Six of the best

26 February 2017

Mazda have given the 6 a midlife refresh and, as Paul Acres finds out, made a great car better

Off the beaten track

26 February 2017

Subaru have brought something a little different to the crossover table but is it enough to win buyers over. Paul Acres finds out

Best of both worlds

26 February 2017

The CC is in a class of its own. Literally. Paul Acres gives his verdict on VW’s saloon-dressed-up-as-a-coupe

Three to One

12 February 2017

The Mazda3 has been given a midlife makeover but is it enough to keep it competitive. Paul Acres takes a look

Stimul8 the senses

12 February 2017

If you’ve let Audi’s understated A8 slip below your radar you might be missing a trick as Paul Acres found ou

Living the high life

30 January 2017

The Bentayga is Bentley’s first foray into SUV territory and, as Paul Acres finds out, they’re off to a flying start.

Power surge

22 January 2017

Volvo’s XC90 is an excellent automobile. Paul Acres finds out how it measures up with a hybrid powertrain

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