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Why a staggering 92% of mums say they are lonely

More than 50% of lonely mums say being isolated has left them suffering anxiety

14 March 2017

Despite 24 hour social media, mums are suffering a crippling epidemic of loneliness thanks to ‘cliquey’ groups and bitchiness at the school gates

Is it time to super-charge your beauty sleep?

April is Sleep Awareness Week

27 February 2017

As Sleep Awareness Week approaches, we unveil the ultimate products for a night-time beauty boost

Eight in 10 women wouldn’t trust their partner to buy their clothes

A third of women dread Valentine’s Day because they fear they’ll have to pretend to like what their partner gets them

07 February 2017

Are you one of the millions of women dreading Valentine's Day as you will have to pretend to like a gift?

The hair hacks millions of mums are using to save time

Millions of busy British women rely on hair hacks like dry shampoo

26 January 2017

One in 20 women even admit going for 10 days or more without washing their locks

Sore throats, runny noses, migraines and bugs - why it's tough being a mum

16 January 2017

The average mum falls ill 324 times over their youngster’s childhood

The average woman will change dress size 31 times in her life

It is perfectly normal to go up and down in clothes size

29 December 2016

Key weight gain moments include having children, Christmas and the first years of marriage

How long will it take you to plan your Christmas party outfit?

Some 81% of women have occasions where they find it stressful searching for the perfect party outfit

06 December 2016

Revealed: How many hours a woman spends planning what to wear on her Christmas night out - and the result is staggering

Turn up the glitz: The hottest party looks

23 November 2016

Soiree season is about to kick off, when you can turn the glitz factor up to 11 for even the smallest of shindigs. Here's what's hot this Christmas

Fashion news: Get in step with all the latest trends

Chiffon dress, £79, and leather snake print boots, £179, available from sosandar.com

31 October 2016

Winter is on the way so it’s time to step up your shoe game. We round up the season’s best boots, loafers and more


'Tis the season for saving

Nearly a third of people admitted spending more on Christmas last year than they did in 2014

25 October 2016

You may not feel in the festive spirit just yet - but now may be an ideal time to start budgeting to ease the strain on your wallet over Christmas.

Autumn hair trends: We're back in frizz-ness

This autumn it's all about the curls

13 October 2016

Straighteners are out, curls, waves and flowing messy locks are back in, according to the catwalk

Breast Cancer Awareness: It's back and pinker than ever!

06 October 2016

It's Breast Cancer Awareness month, indulge in cosmetic classics or bag beauty essentials knowing you're doing your bit for charity at the same time.

Ready to hit the gym? Here's the coolest sportswear around

Fabletics Lauren Tank, £35; Salar Leggings, £58, at www.fabletics.co.uk

22 September 2016

Feeling inspired by the Olympics? Or want to hit the gym after a summer of lazy days and ice cream sundaes? Here's the sportswear that will help.

Five fab reasons to take up pilates

Pilates was developed by German-born Joseph Pilates, who believed mental and physical health were closely connected

05 September 2016

Think that pilates is just a bit of fancy stretching? If so it could be time to think again and discover its endless benefits.

'We want to show it’s ok to breastfeed'

Stacey Herbert and Caleb with Sarah Stevens and Duke

13 August 2016

A group of mums joined in a global breastfeeding event as local council launches a campaign to encourage more women to breastfeed.


Is it time to up your hair game for the summer?

Nineties girl half-up, half-down hair is well and truly back

01 August 2016

Freshen up your hair look for the holiday season. Here's some easy up-dos that work in hot weather

The 50 things that baffle women about men

The battle of the sexes has been going on since time began

20 July 2016

Why is man flu is so much worse than a cold, their selective hearing – and why won’t they ask anyone for directions...

The 50 little things that make us happy

The average person is only happy for 5 hours 33 minutes on a typical day

11 July 2016

From finding a really comfy bra to the smell of bacon: The most likely things to make people feel fantastic

The shortcut to longer hair in just minutes

The extensions 'behave' more like real hair

05 July 2016

My Kent Family reporter Lisa Haynes says goodbye to the bob and gets a helping hand to a fuller head of hair

Little Miss Sunshine: This season's best beach buys

The Jane Norman mono Aztec print swimsuit

20 June 2016

If you're beach or pool-bound this summer, a new bikini or cossie should be top of your shopping list. We run down swimwear to be seen in this season.

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