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Our Kent Family

From making masks to making memories.

23 February 2016

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Are KidzCoins the way to help gadget addicts?

Gail Isted and Vanessa Brown from KidzCoins

02 February 2016

How do you encourage your child to give up their screen time? These Kent mums think they have the answer.

What to do if you don't get the school of your choice

The school places announcement isn't always good news

19 January 2016

If your child isn't offered their first-choice school, don't despair - there may be a solution.

Help your child learn to read

Many parents lack confidence in helping their child learn to read

15 January 2016

Reading is a vital skill that every parent wants their child to learn, yet almost half of mums and dads admit they lack the confidence to help.

How to protect your child online

There are many dangers lurking online

15 January 2016

Not talking to strangers and no sharing of personal details are two valuable lessons for children when it comes to online safety.

Tidy solutions for messy rooms

Kids = messy home!

15 January 2016

Kids and mess go hand in hand, but how do avoid your home sinking into chaos?

How to unplug your child

Gadget addict

15 January 2016

If it feels like your child is surgically attached to their iPad,there is a solution..

Throwing the perfect party

Follow our tips for a happy birthday

15 January 2016

If kids came with instruction manuals, there would be a whole chapter devoted to the tricky world of children's parties. Let us guide you though it.

Stage fright?

Kids can enjoy theatre from an early age

13 January 2016

They don’t sit still for two minutes at home, so how can you ever go about taking them to the theatre?

Keeping your 'digital natives' safe online

There's a world of danger online

13 January 2016

It's a dilemma for every parent - how do you encourage your child's interest in technology while keeping them safe online?

Face the music ... can you take the kids to a festival?

Don't forget the ear protectors!

13 January 2016

Music festivals are one of the first casualties of parenthood. But does it have to be that way? We sent Lauren Abbott to Bestival to find out.

Helping your child get into sport

Sport can teach your child vital social skills

13 January 2016

Sport can play a huge role in giving your child confidence. Here's how to get them involved.

Packing the perfect lunchbox

Picking the perfect lunch

12 January 2016

They'll want crisps, you want to give them fruit - how do you find a lunchbox compromise?

Ask the expert: Do you think I should invite children to my wedding?

An important first step is to decide what restrictions you are putting on children's ages at your wedding

02 January 2016

My Kent Family's team of health professionals and education champions answer your parenting questions

Are rewards and sticker charts for children a good idea?

Reward charts can bring short term results but create long term problems

02 January 2016

My Kent Family's team of health professionals and education champions answer your parenting questions

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