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New unit set up to thwart hackers

19 May 2017

A council has set up a specialist team to help businesses learn how to stop themselves being a victim of cyber crime.

Scanner gift could save lives

19 May 2017

A bladder scanner has been donated to a Kent hospital for quicker diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Warning as high pollution sweeps over county

11 May 2017

Higher than normal pollution levels across Kent have led to a health warning being issued by the government today.

Recalling day our town found salvation in its hour of need

03 May 2017

VIDEO: Memories were shared among residents at a charity base that took people under its wing 10 years ago when much of Kent rocked in an earthquake.

The companies changing the world

27 April 2017

Discover the firms transforming how we live and work – based here in Kent.

Tie-up adds bite to research

25 April 2017

A spine-chilling technology company with the largest library of venom in the UK has partnered with a drug discovery company for pioneering research.

Cancer researcher bought for £4.7m

25 April 2017

A developer of anti-cancer technology has been bought in a multi-million pound deal by an Israeli business.

1 in 5 people in Kent are drinking at dangerous levels – are you?

27 March 2017

How much do you really drink? Take our quiz to find out

Heat is on failing incinerator site

21 March 2017

A waste management company suffered a 50% fall in pre-tax profits last year as it continued to support its loss-making incinerator plant in Kent.

Goodwin Sands - third consultation expected

18 March 2017

A new consultation on Goodwin Sands dredging is expected due to new survey results

'I nearly died due to air pollution'

10 March 2017

Medical experts told a woman who collapsed while out walking her dog pollution had inflamed her lungs.

Reader comments working again

04 March 2017

Reader comments are now working again on KentOnline. If you have received a message saying you are banned, please disregard it.

Crystal clear vision

03 February 2017

A £90,000 loan helped two friends launch a water treatment business which is attracting a flood of export deals from around the world.

New boss a year after rescue

24 January 2017

A crop research institute has hired a new managing director a year after it was rescued in a takeover.

Award winners back search for young scientists and inventors

22 January 2017

An award-winning company is backing an initiative to find the brightest science and engineering talent.

Bomb squad called to school

19 January 2017

Police were called after it was discovered a potentially unstable substance was on the premises.

Weald astronaut dies aged 61

24 December 2016

Nasa today announced the death of British born astronaut Piers Sellers who grew up in the Weald.

Live reaction: Swaleside disturbance

22 December 2016

This is how people are reacting to tonight's incident at HMP Swaleside

New funding for fruit research

13 December 2016

A consortium has secured £1.9 million of funding for student-led crop studies.

Science park's new owners 'will take it in new areas'

09 December 2016

The new owners of one of Kent’s most successful science parks will forge closer ties with London investors, according to its managing director.

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