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Were de-finned porpoises killed by fishermen?

02 June 2016

At least three porpoises were found washed up on Kent beaches without their fins, prompting suspicion they were killed deliberately.

Rare spectacle as Mars comes closest to Earth in 11 years

30 May 2016

Stargazers are in for a treat as Mars approaches its closest point to Earth for 11 years - a mere 46.8 million miles away.

Business moves bring 3,000 jobs

24 May 2016

An agency which encourages companies to set up in Kent brought nearly 3,000 jobs to the county last year.

Ultrafast broadband coming to Gillingham

23 May 2016

BT has announced Gillingham will be one of the first communities in the country to get the latest ultrafast broadband.

World speed record breaker ready to race again

23 May 2016

After a 25-year-restoration project a 1920s world speed record breaker is preparing to take to the track once more.

Kent girl tries new omnipod diabetes control

12 May 2016

An eight-year-old girl is the first person in East Kent to try a new hi-tech way of managing diabetes - after she researched herself.

RSPB: Bird rescuers risk attack from seagulls

10 May 2016

Well-meaning animal lovers risk attack from angry seagulls if they try to 'rescue' grounded chicks, according to the RSPB.

Transit of Mercury today

09 May 2016

For the first time in ten years, the smallest planet in the solar system will pass between the sun and the earth.

It's too hot for the trains

08 May 2016

There are delays to Southeastern services across Kent and London as the heat caused multiple signal failures and the risk of buckled tracks.

Parasite affecting children under five found in parts of Kent

03 May 2016

A parasitic disease causing sickness and diarrhoea which usually affects children under five has prompted a Public Health England warning for Kent.

French medics could help cut 10,000 backlog

27 April 2016

Doctors and nurses from France could be drafted in to help reduce hospital waiting times.

Meet the team that keeps Kent moving

20 April 2016

When congestion clogs Kent's roads, a specialist team does their best to keep the county moving - this is how.

'My children have been playing on an asbestos floor'

17 April 2016

A mum-of-two is warning house buyers to check their property for asbestos in their homes before they move in.

Food bank demand in Kent increases to record levels

15 April 2016

The number of people in Kent turning to food banks has leapt to record levels, as a charity warns urgent action must be taken to ease the crisis.

Look who’s investing in drugs firms

14 April 2016

Kent County Council is trying to make money by taking a share in growing science businesses.

Nuclear power station bosses on their guard against 'madmen'

09 April 2016

Bosses at Kent's nuclear power station say they are on their guard against “madmen” unleashing nuclear terrorism.

£9m project to reveal 'untold' chapter of British Naval History

07 April 2016

A £9m project at Chatham’s Historic Dockyard is set to open next month using interactive screens to bring the age of sail to life.

The secret’s out... BBC captures the beauty of marshes

06 April 2016

One of Kent's hidden beauty spots will be featured on the second episode of television series Secret Britain tonight.

What if police could detect crime before it happened?

05 April 2016

The 2002 film Minority Report imagines a world where crime can be foreseen before it has happened. But in Kent, this isn't just science fiction.

Anniversary of massive explosion that killed 109

02 April 2016

On April 2, 1916, an explosion at Uplees Gunpowder works killed 109 men and boys - the grandson of one of the victims still has unanswered questions.

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