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How old do you have to be?

Children can play games rated PEGI 7 from the age of seven but have to be aged 14 to have an Instagram or Facebook account

29 March 2016

We're always telling the kids to 'wait until you're older' but the legal minimum ages for certain activities may surprise you. Adrienne Wyper reports.


Bored teens? No need to panic!

The Panic Room is now open! An escape room attraction set up by Alex and Monique Souter.

25 February 2016

Keep your teenagers amused during the school break with the ultimate puzzle challenge.

Get Sugar Smart with new, free app

Around 30% of the sugar in kids' diets comes from sugary drinks, such as fizzy pop, squashes, cordials, energy drinks and juice drinks

08 February 2016

Our kids are consuming three times more sugar than they should but a new campaign is looking to tackle the problem with help from your smartphone.

Are KidzCoins the way to help gadget addicts?

Gail Isted and Vanessa Brown from KidzCoins

02 February 2016

How do you encourage your child to give up their screen time? These Kent mums think they have the answer.

Grumpy teens? Don't believe the hype

Teenagers are often thought of as moody. Picture PA/Thinkstock Photos

02 February 2016

New research suggests most teens are feeling good about themselves.

How to write your first CV

Small word, big challenge

27 January 2016

It's the first step towards getting a job - putting together an unbeatable CV.

Support your teenager through their exam stress

School places are being allocated

19 January 2016

All parents want their children to achieve their full potential and performing well in exams is often one such way.

How to protect your child online

There are many dangers lurking online

15 January 2016

Not talking to strangers and no sharing of personal details are two valuable lessons for children when it comes to online safety.

Tidy solutions for messy rooms

Kids = messy home!

15 January 2016

Kids and mess go hand in hand, but how do avoid your home sinking into chaos?

How to unplug your child

Gadget addict

15 January 2016

If it feels like your child is surgically attached to their iPad,there is a solution..

Mobile phones - a modern moral dilemma

When is the right age to make the mobile move?

13 January 2016

When is the right age to let your child have their first mobile phone?

Life under canvas can be rewarding

Camping has many benefits for kids

13 January 2016

Research shows children who camp in the great outdoors at least once a year tend to do better at school and are happier. So what are you waiting for?

Stage fright?

Kids can enjoy theatre from an early age

13 January 2016

They don’t sit still for two minutes at home, so how can you ever go about taking them to the theatre?

Deciding what to do at 16

13 January 2016

Deciding what to do at 16 is a hard choice. but we've made it easier to help choose with our quick guide to the options.

Keeping your 'digital natives' safe online

There's a world of danger online

13 January 2016

It's a dilemma for every parent - how do you encourage your child's interest in technology while keeping them safe online?

Face the music ... can you take the kids to a festival?

Don't forget the ear protectors!

13 January 2016

Music festivals are one of the first casualties of parenthood. But does it have to be that way? We sent Lauren Abbott to Bestival to find out.

Helping your child get into sport

Sport can teach your child vital social skills

13 January 2016

Sport can play a huge role in giving your child confidence. Here's how to get them involved.

Setting them on the right career course

Kent Choices Live is on Wednesday, March 16 and Thursday, March 17 from 9am to 3p at the County Showground, near Maidstone

01 January 2016

Kent Choices Live is one of the most important events for young people as they make decisions about their future and this year it’s bigger than ever

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