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Bogus policemen scam elderly woman in Hall Road, Dartford

Two men posing as police officers stole a large quantity of cash from an elderly woman after convincing her that her husband had been arrested for handing counterfeit money.

Having been flashed a black folded card which appeared to be identification, the woman let them into her house in Hall Road, Dartford, last Thursday morning.

The men, described as white and aged in their late 40s to early 50s, had told her that her husband was in a police car parked around the corner.

Read our latest list of cases in Kent's courts
Read our latest list of cases in Kent's courts

Both followed the woman upstairs and pressured her into handing over the cash, after which they left claiming that her husband would be getting hot inside the car.

Police are investigating the incident and are appealing for information.

One of the suspects had dark hair and was wearing dark rimmed glasses and rubber gloves, the other was of a large build, with balding hair.

Both were wearing black trousers and white shirts.

Anyone with information can call police on 01634 792209, quoting reference 13-0401, or Kent Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

Kent Police is reminding people to beware of bogus callers
Kent Police is reminding people to beware of bogus callers

Police are also urging members of the public to be vigilant to similar incidents.

Acting Inspector David Crompton of Dartford’s Community Safety Unit said: "While most people who call at our homes are genuine, unfortunately there are some who lie about their identity in order to trick their way inside in order to steal valuables and money.

"Please be wary about allowing strangers into your property when there is any doubt as to who they are.

"Remember that if Kent Police officers do visit, they will often be in uniform, will always carry identification and will be more than happy for people to call 101 to check they are who they claim to be.

"Remember also that people from water, gas and electricity companies also rarely visit without appointments.

"Do not let anyone in who does not have an appointment or genuine, verified ID."

Top tips

  • Lock your back doors and windows before answering the front door – thieves often work in pairs, one distracting you at the front door while the other tries the back.
  • Use your spyhole and chain and ask who they are through the door first.
  • Check their identification, even if they have a pre-arranged appointment.
  • If they leave you a contact number, do not use it as it may be fake. Find the company’s number in the phone book, on the internet or on a recent bill instead. In the case of police officers, you can call 101 to check the identity of a person claiming to be from Kent Police.
  • If you need to get something, close the door until you return.
  • If in doubt, ask them to leave and come back at a more convenient time when a family member or friend can be with you.
  • Stay calm and do not panic, take a step back and think about the situation before you.
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