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Bob Dunn Way, Dartford, still shut after two weeks of being flooded.

16 January 2014
by Lizzie Massey

People are taking road safety into their own hands as anger mounts over a flooded road.

Bob Dunn Way, one of Dartford’s main roads, remains shut after two weeks of being water-logged.

Some irate motorists have taken to moving the Road Closed signs and cones out of the way and driving through the road, regardless of the dangers.

Bob Dunn way A206 closed due to flooding

Bob Dunn way A206 closed due to flooding

The road provides easy access to the M25 and to businesses in Crossways Business Park, including Asda, Thames Water and the sewage works.

One daily commuter, Shubz Singh, said on Facebook: “This affects me on a daily basis as I need to get to work. I love the fact that someone moves the cones to let the traffic through in the mornings as it would be a nightmare having to take another route to work. The council should get the flood controlled and re-open the road as soon as possible.”

"It’s so dangerous, it’s causing traffic and it’s a nightmare. - Jade Campbell.” 

But not everybody is happy with the way some of the drivers are flouting the safety precautions.

Jade Campbell who lives in the Bridge Estate just off the A road and said: “The path next to the road has been broken from where lorries are driving on it to get passed the road block. It’s so dangerous, it’s causing traffic and it’s a nightmare.”


Bob Dunn way A206 closed due to flooding

Bob Dunn way A206 closed due to flooding

The east-bound carriageway closed on January 3, near the roundabout with Marsh Street, after heavy rains over the Christmas period.

Kent County Council said it will remain closed until further notice.

Bob Dunn way A206 closed due to flooding

Bob Dunn way A206 closed due to flooding

A KCC spokesman added: “Numerous reinstatements have been made to the closure, following unofficial removal and we are monitoring the area. The closure is between the junction of Marsh Street and Swanscombe, with a signed diversion in place.”

The council has not been pumping the water out from the road and with more rain forecast over the next few days, the likelihood of the road drying up is slim.

A diversion is in place Dartford town centre along Burnham Road but commuters and residents are far from happy with this ongoing problem.

On Facebook Riley Cullum said: “Bob Dunn Way is a major through route and this is potentially a long term serious problem, notwithstanding the building on flood plain situation.

“I think the Highways and Environment agencies need to get their heads around this one quickly or by the time the new crossing goes ahead they’ll be handing out snorkels and flippers at the toll booth.”

Naz Zahir added: “Instead of wasting time closing the road they should just drain the water. It’s been like this for too long now so it’s understandable that people are moving the cones out of the way. No one has got stuck yet, and the vehicles big or small can still get past.”

William Egan said: “All the council need to do is send a couple of tankers to suck the water away, no hassle. They’re just being tight as usual and would rather divert and inconvenience people rather than spend any money.”

The Twitter bird symbol

The Twitter bird symbol

On Twitter Lucy Victoria Small ?@Sprucey wrote: “Bob Dunn Way Dartford disaster area, cars consistently ignoring Rd closure, queuing over pavement & verge. Traffic everywhere.”

Gwyn Owen @1Gwyn tweeted: “Either close the road properly or clear the mess #lazy.”

Gordon Lancaster @metalgordy added: “Bob Dunn Way open. People are removing the barriers, road flooded is passable. Bad road management.”



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