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Drivers caught speeding at 94mph over QEII Bridge at Dartford Crossing, latest police figures reveal

By KentOnline reporter

Almost 25,000 people have been caught speeding across the QEII Bridge in just 18 months – some driving at nearly double the limit.

New speed cameras were installed at the Dartford Crossing, over the River Thames, in October 2012.

As many as 24,229 people had been caught driving over the 50mph limit by the end of March, latest figures show.

Tailbacks are affecting the QEII bridge after a lorry crash. Stock image

The highest recorded speed was 94mph – in both October 2012 and March this year. The fastest driver caught in 2013 was travelling at 92mph.

However, figures reveal more than half of drivers have avoided getting speeding points on their licence.

About 13,100 motorists caught zooming over the crossing accepted a place on a speed awareness course.

The scheme aims to reduce people's speed by encouraging them to "alter their attitudes towards excessive or inappropriate speed".

It is offered by police in some case as an alternative to a speeding fine and penalty points.

Kent drivers have been warned to cut their speed on bridges after the 130-car crash on the Sheppey Crossing in September.

An accident in which a lorry hit a horse led to delays on the Dartford Crossing. Library image

A Highways Agency spokesman said: "Speed enforcement cameras at Dartford help to maintain consistent speeds on the crossing and its approaches, helping us improve safety and make journeys more reliable.

"Enforcement of the speed limit is a matter for the police."

The figures were revealed by Essex Police under a Freedom of Information request.

A police spokesman said: "Speeding, tiredness, and impatience are all factors which can lead to terrible crashes that can bring heartache to many families, so cut your speed as you will be caught at this location."

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