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Flooding in Pinks Hill, Swanley remains a mystery after homes pumped of water

31 January 2014
by Thom Morris

Pinks Hill, Swanley,

Pinks Hill, Swanley,

KCC has pledged an extra £2.5 million to fix damage caused to roads by the severe storms and flooding.

The money is on top of the normal road budget and the £4.6 million spent earlier this year on ‘find and fix’ where crews tackle every fault they find in a road, carrying out up to six times the amount of work they would normally do.

Meanwhile, The Highways Agency said the heavy flooding experienced in Pinks Hill in Swanley remained a mystery.

A spokesman said its contractors “routinely monitor drainage” including near the A20 where it is responsible for a balancing pond.

Eight houses were affected at the start of the year with firefighters having to pump water from the properties. They were also hit at Christmas.

Both KCC and Sevenoaks council say it is the responsibility of the Highways Agency who put the flooding down to the heavy rain fall.

A Highways spokesman said: “Before forecast severe weather in December we proactively cleared drainage and removed debris including dumped rubbish and in January provided sandbags as flood defence for residents.

“Our contractors also helped alleviate flooding earlier this month by clearing drains and drainage ditches. Regular inspections showed the balancing pond did not overflow.”

The Agency said further work clearing the drainage was held last week.

Resident Darren Cooling said: “This happened before Christmas and again after Christmas. We didn’t even get a proper Christmas here because of this.

"We think it’s a broken drain but whoever we complain to, no one wants to take responsibility.

“We’ve been asking for sacks and no one seems to want to give them out, we’ve only just got these from KCC about five hours after it happened.

“I know we’re getting severe weather, but it’s this drain that keeps overflowing. If it can’t handle the water, then someone needs to sort it out.”

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