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iPad proves life-changing cure for austistic Dartford girl Daisy Ingram

28 February 2014
by Alex Matthews

A proud mother hopes other people will love her talented daughter’s artwork as much as she does.

Daisy Ingram, eight, of Heath Lane, Dartford, is a whizz when it comes to art but instead of picking up the paintbrush the youngster has embraced a more contemporary medium to express herself.

Daisy suffers from global development delay and autism and has taken to her mum’s iPad and computer to let her creative juices flow. Mum Sam, 35, a graphic designer, said: “If she’s not on the iPad she’s on my computer.

"I think she’s got my creativity. We just realised the artwork was really pretty. I thought it would be nice to show everyone and make some good out of it and that’s when we set the website up.”

Mrs Ingram is selling Daisy’s artistic efforts online. The money generated will go towards building Daisy a new sensory room with 25% also going to the National Autistic Society.

Daisy has been using an iPad for art and to watch cartoons ever since she was a three, something that has led to her picking up a few foreign phrases.

Mrs Ingram said:“It started with games which were educational for her.
She learnt how to communicate in Spanish because of watching Dora the Explorer [on the ipad]and sometimes she comes back from school and the teachers say ‘I don’t know what she was saying today because she spoke in Spanish’.”

Mrs Ingram said: “I’m very proud of her and I just wanted to show other people what she’s done.”
To find out more about Daisy’s artistic creations, just log on to

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