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A stable home sought for rescued horses

By Eleanor Perkins

Two women who dedicate their lives to rescuing horses are now looking for good homes for the animals.

In 2011, Corin Lehmann, 38, of Dover, bought 20 acres of land on the outskirts of the town. Having built 14 stables, she then set up Equine Spirit, a cause rescuing horses in poor condition or danger.

Corin and Star
Corin and Star

Corin, a sales manager for CG Hibbert in Dover, commits all her spare time to the horses and will not see one put down.

She said: “If they’ve got a chance, I’ll home them.”

Together with her friend Sam Harvey, 35, from Deal, plus other rescue centres, the British Horse Society and the RSPCA, she has rescued 20 horses.

“Every one you can save, it makes a difference. We don’t mind the time, effort or money, but we’re also realistic.

“We’re more than happy to help those in need, but we’re not just an easy answer.”

Rebel and Molly are big fans of polos
Rebel and Molly are big fans of polos

Five weeks ago, the women rescued five horses, two of which were pregnant, at risk of being shot if they weren’t homed.

Corin said: “All the other equine charities were full. The horses were healthy but wild, they had lice and rainscald.”

The women travelled together to collect the animals and have since turned them around.

Ekon was born on May 20
Ekon was born on May 20

They have also introduced foal Ekon, meaning strong, to the gang. Despite some complications one-week-old Ekon is showing good signs of a healthy horse but because the women are unaware of the horses’ medical history, it can sometimes be touch and go.

Sam said: “Some of the horses haven’t had any handling and they’re terrified of people. It’s rewarding when you work with them and they come out on the other side.

“One of them, Pebbles, I didn’t think she’d survive. She was really thin, I’d have given her a body score of one, the lowest there is. But now she’s out there getting fat.”

Corin added: “Just seeing a horse at peace, having a quality of life that wasn’t there – it’s the reason I don’t have lie-ins or exotic holidays."

Teddy Bear and Corin
Teddy Bear and Corin

Corin added: “The biggest help would be to rehome.

“It has to be the perfect owner for the requirements of the horse. We’re looking for long-term homes and it will be a permanent loan agreement, so they’ll always have a home with Equine Spirit.

“The horses need familiarity and routine. Before they are re-homed they will have been vaccinated, microchipped and passported.

“Some don’t like being ridden, some are dangerous, some are old. They don’t need to do anything other than be a horse. They can just be healthy and enjoy life.”

For inquiries visit Equine-spirit on Facebook. To donate, including old tack, head collars, rugs, hay or straw, email equine-spirit@hotmail.com and to donate via paypal, use the same address, or call White Mill Veterinary Practice in Ash Road, Sandwich on 01304 611999 and quote the Equine Spirit account.

For the full story and picture spread, pick up this week's Dover Mercury or East Kent Mercury, out now.

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