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Dog fouling offender in Deal is caught red handed

26 February 2014
by Eleanor Perkins

A man in Deal has sent Dover District Council photographic evidence of a dog owner failing to pick up his dog’s mess.

The man captured the images on Monday morning and the council is now trying to catch the offender.

The resident, who has asked to withhold his name and address, said: “This inconsiderate and thoughtless man should be named and shamed. 

“He should be caught and fined.”

He said the dog owner is a regular offender and many of the neighbours recognise him from his photos.

He added: “The dog excreted directly outside my next door neighbour’s house.

“The offender then proceeded to kick one part of three into the gutter, under a car, leaving two pieces on the pavement.

“He looked around very furtively to see whether he’d been spotted.”

If caught by an authorised officer, the offender will receive a fixed-penalty notice of £50.

Last week the Mercury reported only four dog-fouling fixed-penalty notices had been issued in Deal, Walmer, Kingsdown and Sandwich in the past year.

Linda Ford, of Sandown Road, Deal, who found 39 piles of dog mess between Sandown Castle and the Royal Hotel in January, called for people to started taking pictures of offenders.

She said: “If we get proof, they might do something about it.”

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