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Environment Agency needs more funding to complete sea defence work in Kingsdown

21 February 2014
by Emily Stott

The Environment Agency has allocated £1.5 million of funding to repair Kingsdown’s battered coastline.

The agency explained that plans are in place to provide Kingsdown with permanent sea defences but more funding is needed before it can be undertaken.

However, the beach at Kingsdown has become “at risk” after severe battering of the coastline by wind and rain.

Emergency work began last Tuesday to help restore the shingle which is being washed away, leaving a dangerous drop in its place.

Helen Williams, who lives at the Old Light House in Kingsdown, said: “The shingle is being rapidly washed away just north of where the sea wall ends, creating a cliff effect on the beach.

“It is now only about eight metres from the cliff edge to the road.

“It was 10 metres at the weekend.

“There are also deep holes on the beach side of the sea wall, some about 12 feet deep.

“There is no doubt that this is storm damage and that this area is at risk.

“Dover District Council is having to repair some of this damage but we need access to Environment Agency grants urgently for replacement sea defences, not short-term fixes on collapsing old sea walls and groynes.”


The Kingsdown Conservation Group also has the support of Conservative MP for Deal and Dover Charlie Elphicke, who said he has referred the problem to the Environment Agency.

A spokesman for the Environment Agency said: “The Environment Agency is working with DDC to support them in developing and delivering a long term solution for the Kingsdown frontage.

“We are in the process of allocating financial support for capital projects to reduce flood risk across Kent.

“As part of this, DDC are bidding for Flood Defence Grant in Aid funding, and Kingsdown has an indicative allocation of £1.5 million in 2016 to 2017.

"The scheme will require external contributions to reach the full amount of funding needed for construction and our coastal engineers are continuing to work with DDC to identify partnership funding sources.”

The Environment Agency explained that in the interim, work will continue to repair storm damage until a “cost effective scheme can be developed and funded.”


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