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Cat sanctuary calls for landlords to allow pets in Deal, Kent

By Beth Robson

Kingsdown Cat Sanctuary has called for landlords to “have a heart” and overturn their no-pet policies which often result in countless animals having to be rehomed.

Clare Baumberg, who runs the home in Claremont Road, said the majority of the calls they receive are from owners moving home who have been told pets are not allowed at their new addresses.

Cats like Bess find themselves needing rehoming

She said: “It is heartbreaking for the owners when none of the sanctuaries can help.

“It has been known that the animal is just abandoned or put to sleep.”

Her appeal follows recent articles in the Mercury after discoveries of 11 abandoned cats at the Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club and Coldblow Woods.

"Landlords, have a heart and allow pets to stay with their owners” Clare Baumberg, Kingsdown Cat Sanctuary

The terrified pets are being cared for at the sanctuary, sparking an appeal for owners to be responsible and neuter cats.

The sanctuary is also urging potential owners to give a cat a new home.

Mrs Baumberg said many of the rehoming cases could be avoided if only landlords would be more tolerant.

“We would appeal to these landlords to be more understanding if the tenant already has an animal and allow them to keep their pets.

“So please landlords, have a heart and allow pets to stay with their owners.”

Lewis Humphreys, of Bank House Property Management, said they are one of a few letting agents in the area who are affiliated to The Dog’s Trust’s website www.letswithpets.org.uk which puts tenants in touch with landlords who allow pets.

He said: “Tenants sign a disclaimer where they have to get a professional de-flea and carpet clean before they leave.

“Typically, landlords’ biggest fear with cats is that they claw things up.”

To donate food, cash or to book a viewing at Kingsdown Cat Sanctuary, Please visit: kingsdowncatsanctuary.org

Anyone with a pet who is struggling to find a new home – or anyone who has a property to let someone with a pet – can visit letswithpets.org.uk

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