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People living in Freemens Way, Deal, have had enough

By Mercury reporter

People living in Freemens Way, Deal, are at breaking point.

They have endured months of sleepless nights caused by all-night parties, loud cars and motorbikes and anti-social behaviour.

They say they feel let down by the police and Dover District Council as the issues have gone on for too long.

Residents and youngsters have had enough
Residents and youngsters have had enough

Mother-of-one Holly Riley, 24, has lived on the council estate for seven years. She is hoping to start a petition to gain support for improving the area.

She said: “For the first two years it was all right, everyone was friendly. If anyone had a problem everyone would rally around, but in the last four years, it’s just been terrible.

“It’s not everyone, it seems like half the population of Freemens. It’s like the new Benefits Street.

“People are having parties all the time, every night. They start at two o’clock in the morning and I see them all leaving at half six.

“The language that comes out of the kids’ mouths is disgusting, I hear doors slamming and loud motorbikes racing.”

Miss Riley, who now takes prescription sleeping tablets, said she has also witnessed people urinating in the street and defecating in her garden.

She added: “It’s vile. I’m exhausted by it all. The council and the police aren’t really doing enough for the residents that live here. Things need stepping up.”

Holly Riley in the overgrown green
Holly Riley in the overgrown green

The council has asked residents to log the incidents in a diary.

Miss Riley said: “We have to keep diary sheets for two to six months but during that time we just have to put up with it!”

Another mother living in the road, who wanted to remain anonymous, said: “The street is awful, I can’t even let my daughter play in the park.

“There are windows and doors boarded up, people driving cars like it’s a rally track despite the speed bumps and 30mph limit.

“There are parties every night. I’m not against people having a party and enjoying themselves but I am when it’s constant foul language and fighting, to the point my daughter is being woken up and having to sleep in my bed for comfort.”

Residents Andy Cheeseman, Holly Riley and Jessica Bennett
Residents Andy Cheeseman, Holly Riley and Jessica Bennett

She said she was still waiting for the council to provide her with sound equipment to record the noise.

“It just seems residents have lost respect for one another, which is a shame as with a bit of help from the local authorities and the council this area could be revamped and turned into the nice community it once was.”

Another resident, pensioner Linda Swanell, added: “I have lived here for seven years. I am fed up and thinking of selling to get away from it. The parties are every night. I’ve had things thrown over the back garden.”

Mrs Swanell said she has tried sleeping in different rooms in her home, upstairs and downstairs but cannot escape the noise.

“I can even hear it in my toilet.”

A DDC spokesman said: “We cannot comment on individual cases. We continue to work closely with the police and all our partners in the Community Safety Partnership to make sure the district remains a safe place to live, work and visit.”

Police had not commented as the Mercury went to press.

To sign the petition to help improve the area, contact Holly Riley on 07873 673808.

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