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Faversham householders hunt for missing Bengal cat Rosie, belonging to David Gwyn-Jones

By Bess Browning

A cat that fell 35ft and hit the bonnet of a stalled car being driven by a learner driver survived.

But she ran off – and now her worried Faversham owner is trying to find her.

The big Bengal tumbled from owner David Gwyn-Jones's three-storey house in West Street.

David Gwyn-Jones outside his home in Faversham showing the height from which Rosie fell. Picture: Chris Davey

Mr Gwyn-Jones, a retired journalist known to most as Gwyn, has been left “heartbroken” and has been plastering the walls of the town with posters appealing for information that could lead to Rosie’s return.

He believes Rosie would have died instantly if she had fallen to the ground but instead she left a huge dent in the front of the car and ran off.

They say that cats always land on their feet but Mr Gwyn-Jones is unsure whether she is injured and is worried for her safety.

She has been missing since on Wednesday September 24 but was last seen on Sunday Septmeber 28 in the afternoon, near the Westbrook stream near The Knole in the Bysing Wood Estate.

Missing Bengal cat Rosie.

Missing Bengal cat Rosie.

Mr Gwyn-Jones said: “She’s climbed up on the roof before and I was shocked to see her up there but managed to get her down.

“She was perching on the side of the roof and lost her footing, falling 35ft down and 15ft across the road.

“Just five to 10 seconds before her fall, a learner driver had been driving up the road too slowly and in the wrong gear and stalled it right outside my house.

“Rosie fell onto the bonnet of the car and dented it.

“I think both the driver and instructor were pretty shocked as there was an enormous bang and they couldn’t believe it was a cat.

“But I think it was fate that she landed on the car. If she landed on the ground, she would surely have died.”

David Gwyn-Jones with his remaining cat Tom and others helping with the search Jenny and Roger Chatfield.

David Gwyn-Jones with his remaining cat Tom and others helping with the search Jenny and Roger Chatfield.

He has only had her and another Bengal cat Tom for 18 months.

Rosie is four years old, neutered and microchipped and is greyish dark fawn, with black-brown spots and stripes, like a little leopard, and has bright blue eyes.

Mr Gwyn-Jones added: “Tom misses her so much and he is so depressed. He’s pining, meowing at the window every morning and he’s off his food.

“He hates being without her. I just want her home. They are like my children.”

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