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I Remember the Children campaign launches in Faversham in memory of the children killed in conflicts in Gaza

By Bess Browning

A group of Faversham artists have set up a campaign with a very clear message – remember the children of Palestine.

More than 1,000 civilians have been killed in Gaza since the current conflict began on July 8 and many of them have been children.

As the death toll continues to rise as Israel presses ahead with its ground offensive on Gaza, one Faversham man has set up a project to remember the innocent children that have lost their lives, some as young as three months old.

Artist Bob Lamoon has been at the heart of protests in London where 50,000 have stormed the city in a bid to cease the fighting, along with many other major cities across the globe.

Bob Lamoon's picture of a protest in London

But today, away from the crowds of protesters with their Free Palestine slogans - a powerful image of a war that has waged on for decades - he has solely set up his own campaign.

I Remember The Children is a brand new Facebook group, launched by Bob and Nathalie Banaigs of Kent Creative Arts which has already attracted interest from people as far away as India, Holland and France.

One bouquet in Preston Street

The idea is to commemorate the children who have died during the conflicts by lying a bouquet in a public place with the name and age of the child.

They have used a list published by The Telegraph to identify each child's name and age, some as young as three months.

A bouquet left by the Turner gallery in Margate

Bob said: “Both myself and Nathalie who set up the group are very concerned about what is going on in Gaza.

“There is absolutely no political motive about what we are doing here and there is no siding with one or the other or any use of anti-Semitic attributes.

“But we want to do our bit to stop these relentless murders which are taking place."

A bouquet for Dina

“The idea came from a dream that I had recently after protesting in London a number of times over the last few weeks.

“I woke up and thought ‘I need to do this’ and I spoke to Nathalie about using a Facebook group and the idea just dominoed from there.

“Just as you would see flowers tied to a lamppost at the side of a motorway when someone dies, these children need to be remembered."

A bouquet in Gatefield Lane

“We want people to see the flowers, wonder what they are and maybe once they have read into it, they will take notice of what is going on in Gaza.”

The instructions for taking part in the project can be found at their Facebook group by clicking here.

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