Gadgets and appliances for your home from digital shower to steam ovens

By KentOnline reporter

Article first published on Houzz

Amanda Pollard, Houzz contributor

Have you ever come across something you never knew you needed until you’d seen it? The following items are just that – things that could improve your everyday life by adding a little effortless luxury.

You don’t absolutely need them, but the time-saving benefits they bring might just make them worth the investment.

Photo by Roundhouse

Throw away the kettle

For the tea drinkers among us, a boiling-water tap is the ultimate luxury. No more waiting around for a kettle to boil, and if you’re cooking pasta there’s no need to wait for the water to heat up before throwing in the spaghetti.

In fact, any culinary activity that involves boiling water can be achieved in half the time.

Photo by Hill Farm Furniture Ltd

Cool it under the counter

Fridge-freezers take up an unfeasibly large amount of space in our kitchens. However, the alternative is an under-counter version that requires you to squat uncomfortably in order to see what’s inside. There is a solution – the fridge and freezer drawer.

These neat appliances integrate snugly among your base units, and the pull-out drawers give easy access to the contents.

Photo by Janey Butler Interiors

Light a fire in a flash

Glowing flames give a home an instant cosy feel, and nothing beats relaxing near a roaring fire on a chilly day. The only downside is the whole rigmarole of lighting one – buying the logs, storing them, lighting the fire and then remembering to put it out at bedtime, not to mention the mess.

You could ditch all this though and invest in a gas fire instead. There are plenty of stylish versions on the market that will give you all the benefits of a real fire without any of the faff.

Photo by Hive

Take control of your technology

How many times have you got halfway to work only to suddenly wonder if you’ve left the iron on? Or the hair straighteners? Home technology is getting so smart that it’s possible to turn plugs off remotely. You can have your heating, electricity and lighting connected to a system that controls everything from your mobile phone or tablet.

Innovations are moving so fast in fact that voice-controlled gadgets can organise shopping lists, read out instructions, play any music you fancy, or even tell you a joke.

Photo by TrueSource Home Specialties

Provide a perch for your tablet

You can’t beat flicking through a recipe book for inspiration, but it’s often easier to find meal ideas on the internet. The trouble begins when you have to avoid ingredients spilling onto your tablet, or when you have to keep moving your gadget around to gain access to the counter.

Prop it up on its own stand and you’ll never have to worry about these things again. You can buy wall-mounted versions, or install one on a pull-out rack below a wall unit, as has been done here.

Photo by TLA Studio

Invest in a steam oven

Healthy eating is something that actually could change your life. So wouldn’t it be nice to have a gadget to help? A steam oven might be the answer. These nifty cookers use a reservoir of boiling water to steam food, so there’s no need for oil or cooking fat.

Steaming retains more vitamins and nutrients than dry heat, and your food is less likely to be overcooked.

Photo by the Dormy House Furniture & Soft Furnishings Ltd

Streamline your hallway

Leaving the house can be a chaotic experience. By the time you’ve found your keys, located a matching pair of shoes and gone back to pick up your forgotten phone you’re probably stressed out and ready to come home.

Make life easier by installing a super-organised system in your hallway. This one has storage for everything to keep it all in one place. Get sorted with a similar piece of furniture and you’ll never mislay your keys and gloves again.

Photo by Kohler

Shower with ease

You know that interminably long moment when you’re waiting for the shower to reach the right temperature? Well, you can avoid that. Invest in a digital shower and the water will run at exactly the right heat in a matter of seconds.

You can even control the pressure. Some ultra-luxurious versions have a music facility too, so you can play tunes while you shower.

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