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Home-alone pig squealing for a happy ending after being abandoned near Horn Street in Shorncliffe

23 January 2014
by Matt Leclere

The pig was abandoned on grazing land

But he has become something of a popular attraction and is regularly fed by passers-by.

Landowner Trevor Boxell wanted to find him a new home, and even tried taking him to a rare breeds centre, but they were unable to take him in.

Mr Boxell said: “I feel sorry for him. People have been feeding him and built him a hut.

“They had about 40 of them before but he [the owner] appears to have left him there.

“It’s just a shame for him to sit there and he looks miserable.

Babe, from the film about a sheepdog pig

Babe, from the film about a sheepdog pig

“They’re a herd animal and he looks lonely – you can hear him squealing sometimes. It shows how popular he is that people have built a hut for him.”

Although he is a believed to be a micro breed, they can grow to about the size of an adult labrador dog.

The land is good grazing land and has a stream running through the middle so he has access to water.

During the summer, when the whole herd was still on the land, they learned how to escape their confines and ran riot with motorists in the Shorncliffe area.

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