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Sisters Kerry Harwood, Jodie Manning and Carla Manning give birth to babies within 51 days of each other

By Samantha Williams

Three sisters born within three years of each other have each given birth to babies within 51 days.

Kerry Harwood, Jodie Manning and Carla Manning were over the moon to discover they had all fallen pregnant within a month of each other last year.

Although not planned, the three women embraced the fact they would all deliver within two months of each other.

Ashford Sisters and babies born within weeks of each other,from left Carla and Laelan, Jodie and Laici and Kerry with Evarna

Kerry, 29, said: “It just happened but really it couldn’t have been planned better.”

In the past two months, the trio have welcomed babies Laelan, Laici and, just last week, Evarna.

Speaking this week, Carla said: “Its been nice having them so close because we can compare weights and check-ups.”

Kerry, who was last to give birth, said: “I couldn’t wait for my baby to come. I loved holding the other two and spending time with them.

“It’s funny because now Evarna is here the other two feel big!”

The three Ashford sisters –who attended Lympne Primary School and Brockhill Park Secondary School, in Saltwood, near Hythe – have always been close.

They see each other most days, or failing that a least a few times a week.

In the past two months they have been supported by the arrival of their mum, Julia Young, who lives in America.

Julia – now a grandmother of nine – attended all three births.

This week, the family admitted things will probably never be calm again following the arrival of the cousins.

The babies born within weeks of each other

The first to arrive was boy Laelan Wayne Oakley on Monday, April 7 to Carla and her partner Wayne Penfold.

Laelan, who weighed 7lb 1oz, is brother to the couple’s one-year-old son Codee.

Carla, 26, admits having two babies under two years old is quite a challenge. She said: “I love it but it is hectic. Laelan is really good at night actually and Codee is brilliant with him.”

Laelan’s delivery was the speediest of all three.

Gran Julia said: “We were in Sainsbury’s at around 1.30pm when Carla went into labour. By 3.30pm he had been born. It was very quick.”

Carla had to stay in hospital for two nights suffering with pre-eclampsia but said the experience hasn’t put her off having another child.

She said: “I’d like to try for another one in three or four years, when Codee is at school. I always wanted to have two boys first and then a girl.”

Next up it was Jodie, 28, who delivered a girl, Laici Neya at 11.34am on Friday, May 18 at the William Harvey Hospital – nine days past her due date.

Jodie, who was supported by her partner Byron Bradley, Julia, Kerry and Byron’s mum during the delivery, had planned a water birth at home.

However, she ended up at the William Harvey after it was discovered Laici was “back to back”, which means the baby lies with its back against the mum’s and is born looking up at the ceiling, which can make the birth more awkward.

It is not the same as a breech birth in which the baby emerges buttocks or feet first.

The three sisters when they were pregnant - Carla Manning, Jodie Manning and Kerry Harwood

Jodie, who is also mum to Taila said: “She’s absolutely adorable and so good. She barely cries and is good at feeding.”

Eldest sister Kerry was the last to welcome her baby, who was born three days early on Wednesday, May 28 weighing 8lb 10oz.

Kerry and husband James, who are already parents to Jaya, Isara and Harlan, named their new daughter Evarna.

Kerry said: “I wanted to have her at the Singleton Birth centre but I had a terrible pain in my back. We didn’t know what it was. It was agonising.

"I was transferred to the William Harvey and ended up having an epidural, which I hadn’t experienced before.

“The children are getting on well. Harlan has been a bit of a pickle. He was the baby for so long and now there are suddenly three new ones around.”

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