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Ricky Wilton, of Northfleet, jailed for kidnapping Joshua Hislop from bus coming back from Bluewater

By Ed McConnell

Passengers looked on in horror as a man pulled across the path of a bus, burst through the emergency exit and dragged a rival into his car.

Ricky Wilton suspected Joshua Hislop of stealing drugs from his girlfriend’s mother, Woolwich Crown Court heard.

In retribution the 22-year-old, of Gwynn Road, Northfleet, kidnapped Mr Hislop as he travelled back from Bluewater last May, eventually dumping him outside his grandmother’s house.

Ricky Wilton has been jailed for two years. Picture: Kent Police

At the hearing last Thursday, Josh Scouller, defending, unsuccessfully appealed for sentencing to be pushed back to allow a doctor to prepare a report on his client’s ADHD and Asperger’s syndrome in the hope such information would persuade judge David Miller to impose a suspended jail sentence.

When Judge Miller declined his request Mr Scouller explained Wilton’s conditions meant he was obsessive and easily influenced, referencing a time from his childhood when he was fixated by Thomas the Tank Engine.

He said the behaviour had escalated over the years leaving him with eight convictions for 15 offences and causing him to go after Mr Hislop.

Wilton’s ex Elsa Simpson and her mother Stella Coffee, both of Fleet Terrace, Northfleet, were initially charged with kidnap and assault.

"This was brazen, dangerous and extremely frightening to witness. To see a bus stopped and a passenger kidnapped in broad daylight is remarkable" — Judge David Miller

Wilton at first claimed he acted in self defence but changed his plea to the charge of kidnap on the day of his trial. No evidence was offered against Coffee, 44, or Simpson, 18.

A charge of grievous bodily harm against Wilton was dropped.

The court heard the CPS had decided not to rely on evidence from Mr Hislop as he was judged to be unreliable.

CCTV shows Wilton overtake the bus, pull in front of it, yank open the back door and chase Mr Hislop down the aisle before dragging him into the back of his car.

Judge Miller said: “This was brazen, dangerous and extremely frightening to witness. To see a bus stopped and a passenger kidnapped in broad daylight is remarkable.

"The fact it has come to light Mr Hislop is not a witness the CPS can rely on is neither here nor there. However dishonest he may be he deserves protection.

“Everybody has to know that if they behave like a gangster they will receive a significant punishment so that is exactly what will happen to you.”

He took Wilton’s conditions into account and delivered a slightly reduced sentence of two years, of which he must serve half.

He was also banned from driving for two years and must pay a £140 surcharge.

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