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Grass in Gravesend cemetery on Old Road West grows wildly out of control

Grave concerns have been raised after grass in Gravesend cemetery has grown wildly out of control.

Shaun Sparks of Higham complained after visiting his parents' graves at the cemetery on Old Road West.

He said: "It's like the council don't give a damn.

"The graves have just been left with grass growing over them all over the place.

"My mum, dad, aunt, uncle, nan and granddad are all buried here.

"It feels like every year I'm on the phone to the council about this.

"I see people walking past with strimmers but they don't seem to be doing anything.

"I cut the grass myself; I even had to cut it for someone yesterday because it was their mother's birthday and it was all overgrown.

"I feel like the council don't care about the people that are buried here. It looks a mess. We've had this problem for the last three years."

The grass at Gravesend's Old Road West cemetery.

A spokesman for Gravesham council said recent weather was to blame for the growth.

They said: "The combination of rain and sunshine, as every gardener knows, leads to very rapid growth of grass at this time of year.

"Our grass cutting has to be scheduled around funerals but we are cutting the grass as fast as resources and weather allow."

The grass at Gravesend's Old Road West cemetery.
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