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Driver Keith Baldock - with 54 points on licence - jailed by Judge Van Der Bijl after breaching community order

By Paul Hooper

A jobless motorist - believed to have the most penalty points still with a driving licence - has finally come to the end of the road!

Dad-of-two Keith Baldock, 34, was allowed to remain at the wheel of his van despite amassing a whopping 54 points - bans normally begin at 12.

And when the error was noticed by the DVLA, a judge ruled it was too late for the mistake to be rectified.

Keith Baldock outside court
Keith Baldock outside court

But now Baldock, formerly of Thorden Wood Road, Herne Bay has finally received a ban...not for another driving offence but for breaching a community order.

Judge Nigel Van Der Bijl ruled at Canterbury Crown Court that the thieving motorist should also have his licence taken away for three years.

And Baldock was also jailed for a total of 18 months after he was spotted drunk with a child and having a knife in his pocket.

That came as he was being ordered back to court for breaching a community order which was made when he admitted stealing £500 worth of fuel from petrol stations in Canterbury, Barham, Herne Bay and Margate.

Baldock, who now lives in Westgate on Sea, admitted possessing a knife in a public place - which also put him in breach of an earlier suspended sentence for possessing an offensive weapon and making threats to kill.

Prosecutor Donna East told how in February Baldock had a "verbal disagreement" with a partner and then became embroiled in a row with a caravan owner at Prospect Farm.

Jobless Keith Baldock has 54 points on his licence
Jobless Keith Baldock has 54 points on his licence

He then grabbed a three-inch kitchen knife and began walking along Owls Hatch Road with his two-year-old son.

Baldock later told police that he had taken the knife "for protection" after being pushed out of the caravan and kicked in his shins and knees.

Richard Ashley, defending, said Baldock had not been brandishing the weapon and had just taken it in case he was attacked again.

He handed to the judge a letter dictated by Baldock - who has learning difficulties - describing his "utterly chaotic lifestyle" which led up to the knife incident.

"His possessions were later destroyed by his ex-partner when she kicked him of the home and he has suffered from depression.

Judge Nigel Van Der Bijl. Picture: Chris Davey
Judge Nigel Van Der Bijl. Picture: Chris Davey

"That conspired to give him this head in the sand mentality hoping this court order would just be forgotten about.

"He feels it is best if the suspended sentence was activated as it would give him a fresh start.

"He thinks that would be quite sensible and he wants it to be activated," added Mr Ashley.

Baldock was given 12 months of the suspended sentence and a further six months for the breach, totaling 18 months.

He was then disqualified from driving for three years.

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