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Herne Bay grandmother Denise Kitchen angry after daughter Jodie discovers nails in loaf of Kingsmill bread

By Bess Browning

A furious gran has told how her daughter discovered two nails embedded in a slice of bread as she made a sandwich for her toddler son.

Denise Kitchen, 62, says Jodie Eastwood called her in a panic after finding the metal tacks in a slice of Kingsmill 50/50.

Jodie, 33, of Rowland Drive, Greenhill, made the grim discovery as she prepared lunch for three-year-old Logan.

Denise Kitchen. Picture: Tony Flashman

Denise, who lives round the corner, said: “She rang me completely panicked. She said ‘mum, you’d never guess what I’ve just found in a loaf of bread’.

"At that age, toddlers eat anything, so even if she wasn’t making him a sandwich, he may have reached up for a slice of bread unknowingly. It’s truly terrifying” - Denise Kitchen

“I thought she was going to say a mouse or a spider, but I never would’ve thought she was going to tell me she’d found metal nails.

“She said ‘that could’ve killed my baby’. At that age, toddlers eat anything, so even if she wasn’t making him a sandwich, he may have reached up for a slice of bread unknowingly. It’s truly terrifying.”

Denise, who has two other grandsons - Ollie and Reece, both nine - added: “It’s the fact that it could’ve been a lot worse.

“If she hadn’t spotted it, he could’ve bitten into it and cut his mouth open, he could’ve choked or swallowed it and it’s horrible to say, but it could have been fatal.”

Denise, who is currently unemployed, called the complaints centre at Kingsmill but claims she did not even get an apology.

She has been asked to send the slice back to the head office so they can establish where it was manufactured, but she is worried the bread will be lost in the post.

The nails were found in loaf of bread. Picture: Tony Flashman

She said: “It’s really not good enough. We’re not trying to get anything out of this. We just want an apology and an assurance that no other family will have to go through this.

“It’s disgusting that it happened in the first place. It’s hard to tell whether someone has done this intentionally, but either way, it should never have been allowed to happen.

“That nail could’ve killed my grandson and they didn’t even apologise to us.”

Mrs Kitchen's daughter was worried the nails could have harmed her son. Picture: Tony Flashman

The family say they will never touch a loaf of Kingsmill again.

On behalf of Kingsmill, Allied Bakeries spokesman Julia Henkel said: “As a responsible food manufacturer, Allied Bakeries takes the quality of our products very seriously.

“A member of our team has spoken to the customer and we can assure you our investigation into this matter will continue to be a priority.”

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