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£700 reward offered for EastEnders fan Monty after he flew off from David Hampton's home in Beltinge

By Aidan Barlow

A pet owner has launched a desperate appeal to help find his parrot - who whistles the EastEnders theme tune - after it flew off from his home in Beltinge.

David Hampton has offered a £700 reward for anyone who can return his African grey called Monty, who he has owned for 15 years.

The 60-year-old builder, of Knowler Way, said Monty flew out of the door on Saturday, August 30.

Monty the African Grey parrot has gone missing from his Beltinge home

He said: “When I was younger I always wanted a parrot and my partner Janet got Monty for me. I’m devastated to have lost him.

“Monty would fly around the room a bit, but never out of the door. He flew out of the door and at first he just went over a few houses.

“Then he seemed to get taken by the wind out towards Reculver. He isn’t used to flying so far, so I think he will have gone to ground, he won’t be used to finding his own food.

“It would mean a lot to me to get him back. We’ve been going out at 11pm and everything to try to find him and call for him.

“He listens to my voice and is more like a human being than a pet. He whistles the EastEnders theme tune, even when Emmerdale comes on. He is very comical as well.”

Monty's owner David Hampton is offering a reward for his return

Mr Hampton is worried Monty may have flown back towards Herne Bay, and became disorientated.

There were apparent reports that the parrot was in the Richmond Street area of the town, but may have been spooked by the fireworks display.

"We’re very worried. It’s the time factor now because it’s a domestic bird. We’re just hoping that somebody will find him" - David Hampton

Monty looks like a large pigeon because of his grey plumage, but has distinctive fiery red feathers in his tail.

Mr Hampton’s partner Janet Walder added: “We’re very worried. It’s the time factor now because it’s a domestic bird. We’re just hoping that somebody will find him.”

Mr Hampton and Ms Walder advised that if anyone finds the bird they should probably throw a wet towel over him to prevent him flying off, and be wary as it is likely to bite.

If you find Monty you can call either 07788 918214 or 07889 312493.

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