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UFOs spotted over Hythe and Folkestone

The origin of a series of lights spotted glowing eerily through the clouds over Kent remains a mystery. 

The UFOs were reported hanging in the sky over Hythe and Folkestone by several people, with a series of sets appearing over the course of 30 minutes. 

One theory is the lights are flares, used by armed forces to illuminate areas of a battlefield.

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The lights in the sky, thought to be flares, although the MOD say none were being used in the area. Picture Fred Parker

The lights in the sky, thought to be flares, although the MOD say none were being used in the area. Picture: Fred Parker

And the nearby military ranges at both Hythe and Lydd would seem to make this an obvious explanation.

However, the MoD says no flares were being used at its firing ranges in the area.

A spokesman confirmed there was no activity on Lydd Ranges on Sunday morning when the lights were spotted at about 10.30am.
They added that although there was some activity on Hythe Ranges, it did not involve flares being fired.

 Watch: Mystery lights spotted over Hythe

Whether the lights are flares or not, their origin remains a mystery, and it's not the first time strange lights have been spotted over the county.

A spokesman from Kent Unidentified Flying Objects Research Group said: "The coastlines around East Kent and South Kent are major UFO areas.

"The towns in these areas have large amounts of UFO sightings on a continual basis.

"People are observing UFOs over the Thames Estuary and the English Channel all the time. UFO sightings in these areas have increased dramatically in the past few years."

Kent has a large number of UFO sightings. Stock picture

Kent has a large number of UFO sightings. Stock picture

Kent's top ten UFO sightings

  1. The Paranormal Chronicles website, which specialises in sightings from around the UK, was given two accounts of bright white lights in June 2014.

  2. And in Medway in 2013 a woman saw a UFO on the M2 that was "extremely loud, low-flying and was in the shape of a triangle."

  3. In 2012 people across Gravesend and Dartford people took to a UFO sighting website to report bright lights being chased by fighter jets.

  4. In 2013 householders and motorists pointed and stared at the sky as three "very low, very bright" lights performed "acrobatics" over Canterbury, according to a report to the Ministry of Defence.

  5. In July 2008, a UFO was spotted over Cervia Way in Gravesend, described as a "very bright white light". Another joined it before both disappeared. 

  6. In 2010 a welder says he was stunned when he looked out of his window to see five UFOs fly past and shoot a red laser beam into the ground in Ashford.

  7. In 2008 a bright light that changed shape before moving off at speed was spotted by a group of friends in Thanet.

  8. A yellowy light, fairly low in the sky, was seen over Rainham in 2008. 

  9. And a hovering white light was filmed over Sevenoaks in 2014.

  10. Going back a bit further, a long, silver cylindrical object with no visible wings was seen glowing white over Cranbrook in January 1984.

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