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Native advertising at KentOnline and KM Media Group

By Emma Grafton-Williams

You may have heard of Generation N, a fast-moving, tech savvy, multi-screening generation consuming information in a different way.

These people have moved away from getting news via traditional methods and are now receiving it via their mobile, tablet or laptop.

This is hugely important when thinking about how to market your brand effectively to the right audience.

Engage audiences with your brand via interesting, relevant and creative content

Bigger audiences exist now than ever before, so this means that your business needs to be spreading your message across more platforms to be sure of reaching your target audience.

Many companies using traditional methods of print, online and TV advertising are now turning to additional ways to reach people

In the words of one online expert: “It’s actually here already, but you may not know it yet. You probably don’t know what it’s called, you may not know what it looks like, but you’ve more than likely experienced it yourself.”

It is called native advertising.

Native advertising is interesting, engaging content people want to consume. Picture: Istock.com

Native content is a hugely successful and effective way to engage audiences with your brand via interesting, relevant and creative content.

Brands are sponsoring content to capture huge online audiences enabling interaction, comment and shareability.

It is a way to get your company name out there by publishing content in the same style as the website you are posting content to and they do not look like ads because they blend in so well.

A recent survey of 4,770 people by Sharethrough, found that consumers looked at native ads 52% more frequently than banner adverts and 77% of people said they would share the content with a friend or family member.

77% of people said they would share sponsored content with a friend or family member

What is native advertising?

  • It is sponsored content, which could be editorial in the form of articles, listicles, infographics, video, blogs and interviews that is paid for by brands but relevant to the user experience

  • It isn’t interruptive and looks and feels similar to the editorial environment it is delivered in

  • The quality of the content is key and it needs to be something that the consumer wants to read, watch and share. It must be interesting, entertaining and engaging. It also needs to blend into the site without distracting the reader.

Get your brand message across with native advertising. Picture: Istock.com

How can it benefit your business?

  • Native advertising offers the chance for audiences to comment, share and engage. It creates opportunities for businesses to build relationships through interaction and interesting content

  • Gives a positive user experience by being less intrusive and makes it desirable for brands to be associated with positive online experiences

  • Higher click through rates

  • Better engagement and higher shareability giving value to the brand

  • Brands benefit from appearing on highly trusted media sites

  • Native advertising aligns with consumers interests by tapping into their passion

Reach bigger audiences with sponsored content. Picture: Istock

KentOnline - the website you are reading this story on - is the the UK's fastest-growing regional news network.

Part of KM Media Group, it had more than 2.3 million unique browsers in November. Much of KentOnline's success is based on understanding the needs of its customers and communities in Kent.

If you have a great story to tell and want to really engage with the people of Kent, email commercialcontent@thekmgroup.co.uk or call 01622 794559.

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