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University of Greenwich in Medway says A-level students should choose degrees in engineering and IT where there are skills shortages

By Chris Price

A university is advising students picking up their A-level results today to choose a degree that leads to one of many UK industries crying out for skilled workers.

The University of Greenwich in Medway said the demand for engineers and IT specialists is growing across Kent, with the average age of an engineer standing at 56.

Thousands of students across the county are opening their A-level results today, with many of those set to go through clearing for remaining university places, after failing to get the grades they need.

Employability is a key factor to consider when choosing a degree, according to the University of Greenwich

The need for skilled workers is expected to continue for the foreseeable future according to the Chatham-based campus’ head of guidance and employability Eleanor Kehoe.

She believes a good degree is not sufficient on its own to guarantee getting a good job and urges young people starting university to start thinking about their careers from their first day on campus.

Ms Kehoe said: “Graduate career development is not a quick fix, it’s an on-going process.

“Every student has the opportunity to enhance their CVs throughout their time at the university...” - University of Greenwich's Eleanor Kehoe

“At Greenwich, we encourage and provide opportunities for our students to develop their career and business skills right from the start of their university life, both within and outside their study programmes.

“Our dynamic group of employability staff offer a range of volunteering, mentoring, internships, placements, part-time and vacation work opportunities.

“Every student has the opportunity to enhance their CVs throughout their time at the university.”

The 12-strong employability team at Greenwich work with recruitment network Reed NCFE to make sure students have the skills employers are looking for.

Senior graduate recruitment officer Elizabeth Dunphy said: “Businesses across the board want new people with state-of-the-art theoretical knowledge but even more importantly they need to know that person has proven practical abilities and experience within their industry.

“Graduates who have built that into their university life with holiday jobs, internships and whole year placements will have a major advantage.

“They will also be much more aware of the different types of jobs available in their field and how these roles can contribute to business success.

"No business or organisation can afford to take on staff without being convinced that they already have the personal skills and abilities to start adding value from day one.”

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