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Eurotunnel launches 2G and 3G mobile reception in tunnels in £10-year deal with EE and Vodafone

21 January 2014
by Chris Price

Many commuters struggle with the frustration of dodgy reception as they try to make calls on a train going in and out of tunnels.

Yet Eurotunnel customers will look on smuggly as they enjoy 2G and 3G service on the sub-sea route after the operator signed a 10-year deal with two British mobile companies.

EE and Vodafone paid about a third of the £15m cost of installing the infrastructure for the service, built over 10 months 2011 and 2012.

EuroTunnel passenger train

Eurotunnel passenger train

Both companies also intend to offer 4G data services in the summer for travellers in the North Tunnel, running from Folkestone to the Pas-de-Calais.

It means both Le Shuttle and high speed passengers will be able to use their mobile or tablet at any point of the journey through the Channel Tunnel, 100m below sea level.

Eurotunnel already has equivalent agreements with French mobile operators Bouygues Telecom, Orange and SFR, launching GSM-P services in the South Tunnel in 2012.

Eurotunnel spokesman JohN Keefe said: “French operators jumped on this in 2012 as they were bringing over spectators for the Olympics.

“UK operators were more interested in getting the Olympic village up and running at the time but now they are interested because they have been offered the same contract terms as the French had two years ago but with the opportunity of launching 4G in the summer.”

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