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Maidstone Studios and developers Persimmon set to submit new planning application for 77 family homes on Vinters Park rather than 142 flats

14 March 2014
by Chris Price

Maidstone Studios is poised to submit a revised planning application for 77 family homes on a site where it has had long-standing permission to build 142 flats.

Permission for the original development was granted as the recession reached its deepest point in July 2009 but no work has ever been carried out.

Last year, developers Persimmon began looking at the alternative of building family homes rather than apartments and held a public consultation at Vinters Park last month for its new proposals.

Maidstone Studios

The move to build less units comes at a difficult time for Maidstone Borough Council, which has been accused of setting itself an unrealistic target of building 19,600 homes by 2031 in its draft local plan.

Maidstone Studios chairman Geoff Miles said: “It’s a business decision and we have always felt this is a better option for everyone.

“I think most people prefer the idea of 77 family homes.

“If the council allow us to change the planning application, all the residents in the area will be happier.

“It will still take up the same space but will be for family homes.

“We could start building right now with 142 flats but the best option all round is to build less units but nicer units.

Geoff Miles

Geoff Miles

“It is a sign of the times. The council need more family homes and, in a way, we are all happier because it adds value and will allow us to support the investment we have already made.

“We have been able to invest on the back of planning so we need to move forward to keep the business growing.”

Persimmon expect to submit the revised planning application on the joint venture with the Studios within the next few months.

Maidstone Borough Council spokesman Roger Adley said: “The local planning authority would consider any application submitted but a revision such as this would have little or no impact on the local plan.”

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