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Former Sheerness business, the Neptune Cafe, gets a new life as The Meeting Room

06 February 2014
by Lewis Dyson

The Neptune Cafe in Sheerness High Street is believed to have been the longest running business of its type on Sheppey.

Terase Gevaux-Ross, who owned the business when it went bankrupt in 2010, said it can be traced back at least 80 years.

The former Neptune Cafe in Sheerness High Street

The former Neptune Cafe in Sheerness High Street

The 49-year-old started there as a Saturday girl and worked her way up to become manager before she eventually bought it from its previous owner Bill Goodsall.

Mrs Gevaux-Ross, of Winstanley Road, Sheerness, said: “Most of the time it was very busy. It was traditional meat and veg and it was all home cooking.

“We had lots of regulars. It was like a little social club in a lot of ways. They used to meet for a chat. Lots of groups would come in at different times of the week.”

She was forced to close the cafe due to declining trade, saying: “I think it was just the town was beginning to die a little bit. The roadworks that were going on at the time didn’t help and a lot of our clientele were older people.”

The cafe is going to reopen as something called the Meeting Room.

A poster on the front window says it will be a place for prayer gatherings of various religious groups and it is understood it will be a kind of social club.

Workmen refurbishing the inside are tight-lipped for now on more exact details about it and about what happened to a mural of the Roman god Neptune which used to be on one of the walls.

Mrs Gevaux-Ross said: “I don’t know a lot about it. Good luck to them. It could be a nice little social club type thing. I would wish anyone luck that is opening a business in the town again.”

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