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Faulty television from Gravesend Asda left young girl from Huntley Avenue, Northfleet disappointed on Christmas Day

09 January 2014
by Alex Matthews

A supermarket Black Friday purchase ended in a dark day for one little girl.

Sheona Loveridge, 37, bought her daughter Seleena, 10, a 32inch Polaroid HD television for Christmas.

She snapped it up for £99 from Asda supermarket in Gravesend as part of the Black Friday sales, where prices on selected items are significantly dropped for one day only in December.

Sheona and Seleena Loveridge with their faulty Asda television.

Sheona and Seleena Loveridge with their faulty Asda television.

The flat-screen was given to the youngster as her “main present” for Christmas, however when she unwrapped her gift on December 25 it quickly became apparent that all was not well.

Miss Loveridge of Huntley Avenue, Northfleet, switched on the TV only to be greeted by static and when she took the set back to the Gravesend branch she was told she was stuck with it unless she wanted a refund.

The mother-of-four who works as a barmaid at the Black Rose pub in Arthur Street, Gravesend, said that “it wasn’t her fault” that the TV was faulty and that she was disappointed by the “attitude” she received from the Asda staff.

At first the supermarket giant said that if she wanted another television - a higher spec version not available during Black Friday - she would have to pay an extra £80 difference to make up the normal price of £179.

However after further investigation she was then told that she could not get an exchange because the product was only stocked for Black Friday.

Seleena’s leg is currently in plaster for the second Christmas in a row, after an accident and she was hoping to use the TV in her room.

Miss Loveridge said: “All it meant was that she had to be moved back down stairs. She’s got other toys, she’s not crying her eyes out - but it was her main present. It was just a case of ‘nice one Asda, I’m not coming to your Black Friday again.”

Miss Loveridge hopes others have not been caught out like her.

She said:“How many other people have been done like this. I thought Asda would have been a bit more understanding. I just want a straight swap I don’t want any money.”

An Asda spokesman apologised for the inconvenience caused to Miss Loveridge.

He said: “All of our electrical products come with a manufacturer guarantee and where possible we will offer a like-for-like replacement.

"Unfortunately, in this instance, the is no longer in store and we offered the customer a full refund for the product.

“Of course, we are sorry to hear that the television Miss Loveridge bought did not live up to expectations and along with a full refund, we would like to offer her daughter a DVD of her choice the next time they’re in our Gravesend store.”

Miss Loveridge is far from satisfied with Asda’s offer.

She said: “I can’t give my daughter £99 and a DVD for Christmas instead. She still hasn’t got a TV to watch the DVD on so are they taking the Mickey or what. It’s a nice thought but what can do she without a television.”

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